Shahzadpur Travels Online Ticket Price, Schedule & Counter Number

Shahzadpur Travels is the bus service that provides transportation to various places in different regions of Bangladesh. For those of you who want to travel by bus, Shahzad Travels has been able to win the hearts of passengers with its advanced and powerful engine driven buses on the roads of Bangladesh for 10 years.

These big cities offer the bus service, such as Shahzadpur, Chittagong, Dhaka, and Pabna. Shahzad Travel is always there for those who want to travel comfortably and safely on these routes. Before traveling on any bus it is your responsibility to know all the information about the bus such as the bus counter bus schedule and ticket price.

In this age of information technology, we can collect all the information from the comfort of home through the internet, because of which Shahzadpur Travels has presented all kinds of information to the nation through their official website. As a passenger, if you are looking for Shahzadpur Travels bus schedule counter contact number and online ticket booking information then you have come to the right place. Because here we have presented almost all the information to help you.

Shahzadpur Travels Online Ticket

Those of you who want to travel through Shahzadpur Travels must purchase tickets before travel. In today’s age you don’t have to stand in long queues to buy tickets now you can easily buy tickets online from the comfort of your home. For the convenience of informing you, we have discussed here the list of online tickets of Shahzadpur Travels through which websites can be booked and how to collect them.

  • and many others.

From all these websites you can easily book tickets online as well as make payments through mobile banking services such as Rocket Cash Development etc.

Shahzadpur Travels Bus Schedule

Shahzadpur Travels has played a special role in moving from one end of the country to the other, which is why it is going to be the best option for you if you are looking for a comfortable vehicle. However, before traveling to any place, it is very important to know about the bus schedule, which is why we have published the bus schedule of Shahzadpur Travels through our website.

Shahzadpur Travels Scania Ac Bus

Pabna To Dhaka
Morning Time: 10.40 am

Night Time: 11 pm and

Dhaka To Pabna
Morning Time: 10 am

Night Time 10:.30 pm

Shahzadpur Travels All Counter Number

Shahzadpur Travels Pabna Phone Number And Counter Location
Pabna Bus Station Counter, Pabna District City,
Phone: 01766-165976.

Bypass Bus Station Counter, Pabna District,
Phone: 01784-050000.

Pabna District, Debottar Bazar Bus Station Counter,

The bus station counter is located at Atgharia Bazar, Pabna District.
The phone number is 01733-681626.

Bus station at Mulgram Nijbazar, Chatmohar, Pabna District,
phone number 01781-443160.

Pabna District, Chatmohar Rail Bazar Bus Station Counter,
Phone: 01740-122017, 01920-725217.

The Chatmohar Bus Stand Counter is located in Pabna District,
Phone: 01725-635459.

The Ramnagar Ghat Bus Station Counter is located in Chatmohar, Pabna District,
Phone: 01757-843262.

There is a bus stop at Dhankunia Junction in Chatmohar, Pabna District,
Phone number 01736-846555.

The Psychola Bus Station Counter is located in Chatmohar, Pabna District,
The following phone numbers: 01713-685740, 01706-750884.

Counter at the Berahaulia Bus Station, Pabna District,
Tel: 01724-589856, 01884-466116.

The counter at the Berhamara Bus Station in Kushtia District
Can be reached by calling 01713-714628.

Faridpur Bus Station Counter, Pabna District City,
Phone: 01714-004248, 01711-366213.

Gopalnagar Bus Station Counter, Pabna District,
Phone: 01725-319954.

Demra Bus Station Counter, Pabna District,
Phone: 01712-552363, 01733-117851

Shahzadpur Bus Dhaka Counter Number
Dhaka District City, Kalyanpur Bus Station Counter, Khalek Pump.
Please contact: 1778-879171.

The Shahzadpur Bus Gabtoli in Bangladesh
The phone numbers are: 01748-288626 and 01716-575669.
The technical bus station counter
Phone: 0711-353947.

Technical Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District
Phone: 01711-353947, 01307-078643.

echnical Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District,
Phone: 01711-353947, 01307-078643.

Hemayetpur Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District,
Phone: 01712-494049.

Nabinagar Bus Station Counter, Savar, Dhaka District,
Phone: 01712-535407.

Savar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District,
Phone: 01675-778760..

Counters Of Chittagong District
Main Counter, Alangkar, Chittagong District City,
Phone: 01883-742160.

Alankar Mazargate Counter, Chittagong District,
Phone: 01883-742161.

Alankar Mor Counter, IFIC Bank,
Phone: 01883-742162.

BRTC Bus Station Counter,
Phone: 01883-742163.

Bayezid Bus Station Counter, Chittagong District,
Phone: 01883-742161.

Counters Of Shahzadpur Zone
Counter at Baghbari South Bus Station,
Phone: 01711-478812.

A counter at Baghabari North Bus Station,
Phone: 01712-555329.

Shahzadpur BSCIC Bus Station Counter,
Phone: 01711-804038, 01714-940995.

The bus station counter in Shahzadpur Bazar
Phone: 01712-456012, 01307-078541.

Located on the bus station counter in police station Ghat Shahzadpur,
Phone: 01307-078542.

Counter at Talgachhi Bus Station, Shahzadpur
Phone: 01747-562676.

Gandadah Bakul Floor Bus Station Counter,
Phone: 01730-270705.

Counter at Balsabari Bus Stand, Shahzadpur,
Phone: 01776-075184.

The counter at the Ullapara bus station,
Phone: 01797-600464.

Shahzadpur Travels Narayanganj Contact Number
Counter at the Narayanganj bus station, Narayanganj District Town
The phone number is 01675-413824.

Finally we would like to say that you have got to know all the detailed information about Sajar Travel through this article. However, for safe travel, travelers can travel. You can do our other articles to know about any other transport including Shahzad Travel.

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