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Sim Registration Check 2023 Online Bangladesh by Mobile & NID Number

As a mobile phone user, using a SIM card in your mobile allows you to communicate with your friends, relatives, and friends from far and wide. At present we use SIM card in our mobile to communicate with distant friends and relatives and every customer must register and purchase their own while buying this SIM card.

SIM is one of the most important things used in our life and based on this we buy themes from various telecommunication operators. There have been several changes in purchasing a SIM, like earlier days you can purchase a SIM card in any way you want. But now due to the digital mode of SIM registration and to survive from all types of security and cybercrime, now generally digital mode of SIM registration has been introduced.

First of all we want to tell you that now if you want to buy a new SIM then the things you will need are the national identity card of the person buying the SIM card, passport size photo if you have submitted the national identity card then passport size photo There is no need. In this situation, as a SIM buyer, it is most important for you to know the information about how many SIMs you can purchase using your National Identity Card or to verify how many SIM registrations you have with your National Identity Card.

SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh

Bangladesh has improved a lot in the ICT sector due to which now all activities are being carried out in a completely digital manner and as a mobile phone user you can check the name of your SIM card registered with which national identity card. But to verify it you must know the correct instructions. For this purpose, we have given you the correct instructions on the basis of which you can know how to verify the SIM registration online.

Operator Name Short Code Action to Get Info
Grameenphone (GP) Write “info” to 4949 Send “info” to 4949
Robi Dial 16003# Dial 16003#
Banglalink Dial 16002# Dial 16002#
Airtel Dial 1214444# Dial 1214444#
Teletalk Write “info” to 1600 Send “info” to 1600

Sim Registration Check by Mobile Number

There are some people in our country who want to verify SIM registration, but in this case, instead of using your national identity card, you need to know the information that your mobile number has been registered through which national identity card. For them, I would like to say that those of you who are interested in verifying the SIM registration by mobile number can follow the instructions given by us, although the BTRCA authorities have not published any such instructions on the basis of which SIM registration can be verified by mobile number. To verify the mobile registration number, you must use the national identity card that you have and you can check the current status of the SIM registration by going to the mobile message option of the mobile operator you are using or by dialing the code.


SIM Kar Name Registration Check Online

No information is known about whether you have purchased a new SIM or have already made a SIM call that is registered in its name. In this situation, I would like to tell you that it is now possible to verify the registration of SIM car name online and to verify it, we have shared detailed information with pictures in the above section. You must follow the exact instructions given by us here and by following our instructions a person can find his SIM registration car name.

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