Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Chittagong is a very famous and important region of Bangladesh. The area where people from the whole country travel a lot. Chittagong is the most visited city in Bangladesh. Because Cox’s Bazar is a very beautiful city in Chittagong, where many people go to visit.

Cox’s Bazar is the best place in Bangladesh as a tourist area. And due to the fact that Cox’s Bazar is located in Chittagong division, there is a lot of traffic there. So many people from Sylhet visit these tourist areas every year. Moreover, many people are constantly traveling for business or various purposes.

So train is the only better way to travel this route than all other modes of transport. Because the distance from Sylhet to Chittagong is very much. And as this long journey is well traveled by train. Through which you can travel very comfortably.

Sylhet to Chittagong intercity train is known as the best quality train in Bangladesh. You can enjoy many benefits by traveling in intercity trains. All those benefits are that you can sleep on the journey, there are also sleeping arrangements for you. Moreover, inter-city trains have good facilities for food, prayers and entertainment. Through which you can travel this long distance in luxury.

So those of you who are thinking of going from Sylhet to Chittagong. They can understand by reading this article of ours. What do you need to do to travel by train on this route? It is very important for you to go. So know Sylhet to Chittagong route train schedule.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule :


Both trains run on the Sylhet to Chittagong route. Those two trains are Paharika Express 720 and Udayan Express 724 trains are traveling on this route as per the order and schedule of Bangladesh Railway office.

Due to which the train passengers do not have to face any inconvenience. They may not reach their destination on time.


Train Name: Paharika Express (720)
Departure from Sylhet: 10:15
Chittagong reach :19:35 time
Holiday: Saturday

Train Name: Udayan Express (724)
Departure from Sylhet: 21:40
Reach Chittagong at 06:00
Holiday: Sunday

Both trains are running as scheduled. Only one day off a week. Trains stop running one day a week. Those of you who are thinking of taking this train. They must remember all these things.

Must be present at the station before time. Because these trains will not wait a minute after the time. According to this time they will leave the train so you will arrive at the station before time.

 Sylhet to Chittagong Train Ticket Price

In Sylhet, you may have traveled in many different vehicles. How much fare you have to pay due to all those vehicles. You have a good idea about that. And maybe many of you have traveled by train as well, you will understand the difference by how much the train fare is less compared to that.


Of course trains travel at low fares. People feel more comfortable traveling by train as compared to other means of transport. And people save a lot economically. You can go from Sylhet to Chittagong for very less money. On this route you can go from Sylhet to Chittagong with the minimum to maximum (315-1288) fare.

And you must collect the ticket as a result of his journey. The ticket is available from the ticket counter of the station. Must collect train ticket from ticket counter.

No other person will take the given ticket which may cause disruption to your journey. Because many unscrupulous people can cheat you with fake tickets. So if you want to get the ticket, you must pay the ticket from the ticket counter of the station.


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