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Watch Videos and Earn Money in Kenya 2024

We all know a lot about the fact that you can earn money by watching videos, but the way all media work is not the case. You must be diligent in earning money from online and it is possible to get income from online sector only after you have worked hard for a long time. Among all the ways to earn money online, the most popular way is to earn money by watching videos.

After watching the video, the issue of money income seems very funny to us, but it is actually very true. We usually watch videos on various websites or video platforms just to entertain ourselves. But now you are given a special opportunity to earn by watching all its videos in addition to entertainment. There are several websites with official applications that have been working on these topics for a long time and have given us the opportunity to earn money by watching videos.

If you have lived in Kenya, you may know that most of the people here live below the poverty line. They currently want to change their position due to which they are involved in online based jobs and are currently involved in various types of jobs. Today’s discussion is very important for all people living in Kenya. Because we will share with you some important information that will help you earn money by watching videos.

At the beginning of the discussion, what we want to tell you clearly is how to earn money by watching videos and detailed information about how this matter works. In general, watching videos is what we think of as a source of entertainment. You can earn by making videos, but after you have proper knowledge about how to earn by watching videos, you can earn from the online sector.

There are various YouTubers or Facebook content creators who decide to promote their videos on various websites or applications. In this situation they are contracted with all those websites and applications. Share their videos through the website. Different people register to watch videos on these websites and they watch the videos regularly.


At the beginning of the discussion, I am going to introduce you to a website established in 1996. This website has been providing its customers with various ways to earn money with videos for a long time. Because of which you can start working on this website now if you want because they have earned special ambassadors due to working for a long time. The question is that you need to know information about how to start working on this website.

First you need to enter the official website of Patience. Since no profile of your own has been created so far, you first create a profile by clicking on the restoration option. After creating your profile, you will be shown different types of videos from which you have to select and create. In this way, when you can watch videos regularly by making playlists here, credit will continue to accumulate in your account.

Later you can easily withdraw your credit through PayPal account. On this website you will be shown different types of videos and also several advertisements are displayed and points will be given to you if you click on all the advertisements. In this way you can earn daily by watching videos on the website. You understand how easy it is to earn money by watching videos from here.


FusionCash is another rewards website that makes money from advertisers and shares some of the profit with its users. You are given the opportunity to register for free on the website due to which you can earn free by watching videos from here. You have to complete the registration by entering the web site and various types of advertisements will be displayed in front of you. The more videos you watch, the more you can earn from here.

If you can earn like 25 dollars by watching videos through the website, then you can withdraw the money by adding the payment method PayPal account later. Currently popular all over the world including Kenya, this application gives you a special opportunity to earn money. If you have enough time in your hand then you use this opportunity. Watch videos daily and earn from here.


If you are an internet user then you must be familiar with this website. This is a website where only you will earn by watching videos, not only that, but also by doing surveys and watching ads, there are many other small jobs that are given the opportunity to earn from here. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any skills, you can open an account here and start doing whatever you like.

After opening the website account, you choose the work of your choice and continue doing that work for a long time. You can add PayPal account to your profile when you earn 25 dollars in your account. Later, your payment will be received through PayPal account. Also if you want you can do different types of market online with the balance of this account.

We hope that if you can follow our instructions properly then you can easily earn by watching videos. We have tried to provide you with the right information that will help you earn money online. If you know anything beyond this information then you can read our other articles which will give you comprehensive information about more sources of money income.


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