12 Volt Battery Price in Bangladesh 2024 – Walton, Hamko Low Rate Battery Price

The battery is one of the most useful electronics used in our daily life. In all the rural areas of Bangladesh where there is no electricity for a long time, batteries of different volts are used to eliminate the electrical problems. The type of battery you use depends on the electronics product you are using.

In the case of those electric spots that consume more electricity, you need to buy more volt batteries. On the other hand, if you want to use something in general, you can use a 12 volt battery. 12 volt batteries are available in the electronics screen of several reputable companies in the current market, which we can buy now if we want.

However, whenever you are interested in buying any product from the market, first you need to know its exact price. If you don’t know the name, it can be very difficult for you to purchase the product and you may end up buying this friend. We have shared some important information for you here where you can know the price of 12 volt battery and even we have published the list here mentioning the name of each brand according to the current market. You can choose the brand of your choice and purchase the product of your choice.

Walton 12 Volt Battery Price in Bangladesh

Walton Electronics Company is one of the most popular electronics brands available in the current market. This company now plays the most important role in delivering all kinds of products at low prices. Due to which Walton brand batteries can play the most important role for you if you find a good product at a low price. Walton company recently sells 12 volt batteries through their showroom which you can easily buy now.


We have visited Walton’s official website and found out the prices of several models of 12 volt batteries from there and shared it here. Based on Walton’s official website, we know that if a person wants to buy Walton’s 12 volt battery, then you have to pay 3000 rupees in cash and you can buy 12 volt battery of several demanding models within this amount.

Hamko 12 Volt Battery Price in Bangladesh

Hamko is another popular electronic of Bangladesh from which you can now easily spot buy any electronic of your choice. Hey bro, where do you want to buy 12 volt batteries now, this company is able to offer you some batteries at low prices. We have collected important information for you from their official website and consistently share the list so that you can know about their battery prices. We have even shared the price list with pictures of each 12 volt battery.Screenshot-2023-02-28-at-10-23-26-AM

12V 100Ah/200AH Battery Price in Bangladesh

Different models of 12 volt batteries are now available in the market of our country due to which you can choose any model and buy it according to your convenience. But you should always prefer to buy based on which battery has more capacity. In this case you need to know about the AH of the battery that we have given here several lists about 100AH and 200 AH and based on this list you can now buy the battery of your choice.

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