BRTC Bus Ticket Price 2023 – Online Booking

BRTC whose full form is “Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation”. But we mean BRTC bus as the buses look almost the same in red color and green color combination, which shows that it is BRTC bus which is provided by the government of Bangladesh.

BRTC buses from Dhaka ply to every district of Bangladesh due to which the people of this country can travel anywhere in these BRTC buses with low fare. BRTC bus journey with low fare is a great opportunity for Bangladeshi citizens provided by Bangladesh government.

Since the BRTC bus service is engaged, you can get a job from any part of Bangladesh with a very low fare. Also, the journey of these buses is very smart, due to which there is no feeling of wake up or any feeling of boredom in the journey of the BRTC bus.

But many people do not know that this BRTC bus runs on which route at which time. And how much fare you have to pay if you travel by BRTC bus. So our article is very important for those people who don’t know all these information because we have published detailed information about BRTC Bus in this article.

For example, BRTC buses run from Dhaka to some districts. And I have informed the passengers in detail about the fare to travel in each district. So those of you who don’t know the correct information about BRTC.

They read this complete article of ours carefully and soon they can know the unknown facts about BRTC. From which I think your BRTC bus journey will become easier. So first of all you need to know which district BRTC buses ply.

BRTC buses usually run from Dhaka to Khulna, Jessore, Sylhet, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Bogra and many other places. But if you want to go to Dhaka from Jessore or from any other district to Dhaka, you must buy this BRTC bus ticket and board the bus only. So the related information is given below.

BRTC Bus Tickets:

You noticed that BRTC bus operates in any district or any place, but from where you want to go to Dhaka or from Dhaka, you must buy BRTC bus ticket. You must have noticed that there are BRTC bus ticket counters at various places. You will find BRTC bus ticket counters in the vicinity where BRTC buses are parked.

From there purchase a ticket according to the fare of that route stating your destination. And you can leave for the destination by boarding the bus as per the specified time in that bus.

But BRTC bus tickets are not only available at the ticket counter. You can also purchase BRTC bus tickets from the comfort of your home.

In this case, you can enter the BRTC official website through your mobile phone and buy tickets according to your destination. Also visit various computer shops if you can tell them about BRTC bus tickets. In that case they can collect you a ticket.

BRTC Bus Fare:

By now you have learned a lot of information about BRTC buses, but now know it. How much fare will you have to pay as a result of a BRTC bus journey? And find out how much the fare is on any route.

Dhaka to Khulna fare 500 taka
Dhaka to Rangpur fare 500 taka
Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar 600 taka fare
Fare from Dhaka to Chittagong is 480 taka
Rangpur to Dhaka 550 taka fare
Khulna to Dhaka fare 500 taka
Chittagong to Dhaka fare 480 taka

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