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Many of you may be looking for various information to know the price of cement. According to the information you can know about the price of cement in Bangladesh. But if you want to know about the exact price of cement of each company in Bangladesh. Then our article is very important for you.

Because we have published in this article about the cement price of each company in Bangladesh. But not only expensive but also get several ideas about cement. Based on that idea you can decide which company cement will be best for you. So read this complete article of ours carefully. And know the details of cement price of each company in Bangladesh.

Cement Price Today

At present there is a demand for cement in every place in the city or village. According to the demand, every company in Bangladesh is providing cement. If we look around a bit. Then we will see many houses or offices working in all these places.

which require cement. In the same way, there is a lot of demand for cement due to the work going on in the whole of Bangladesh. So to meet all these needs, every company is making products according to their capabilities. And so that the quality of others is good and the general public can buy cement at a cheap price, the companies have been conducting their activities.


But even if you need cement now, many people do not know about these cements. Due to which cements are used at low prices in the market and later there are many difficulties. So if you know in advance about our cements according to this today. In that case, you will be free from many kinds of dangers in the future.

Cement plays a very important role in the construction of a house or building. Therefore, good cement is generally required for building a house. This will benefit you. To think that your homework will be strong.

Currently there are many types of cement companies in Bangladesh. Some of the well-known companies in it are Crown Cement, Scan Cement, Anwar Cement, Seven Ring Cement, Bashundhara Cement, Supercrete Cement, Premium Cement and many more.

The companies that have been fulfilling the cement needs of the common people. So without further delay, know the detailed information along with the cement price of each company.

Anwar Cement Price 2023

The most popular company in Bangladesh is Anwar Cement Company. This Anwar Cement Company has been fulfilling the daily needs of people for ages.

You can take the cement of this company without any hesitation. Because the cement of this Anwar company is much better than the cement of other companies. And you can buy these Anwar cements at a very low price. The price of Anwar cement is 520 rupees per bag.

Seven Rings Cement Price 2023

A very popular cement company in Bangladesh is Seven Rings Company. We have been hearing the reputation of this Seven Rings Company for a long time.

But at present you can buy Seven Rings Company cement at a very low price. Because the price of seven rings company’s cement has been set at a very low price according to people’s ability. The price of seven rings company’s cement per bag is 545 rupees.

Bashundhara Cement Price 2023

Many people think of buying Bashundhara cement. But many people know about the price due to which many people cheat to buy cement. You can buy Bashundhara cement from any part of Bangladesh for only Tk 530 per bag.

Premium Cement Price 2023

500 per year if you want cement from premium company. By now you may have come to know about the cement price of each company in Bangladesh and also know the detailed information about all these companies. So it can be considered that you can buy cement from any place in Bangladesh at the specified price published in this article.

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