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Dhaka City Fire Service Control Number, Service Charge

The Armed Forces is the fire service that is always working for our overall security. These forces have always worked for us, risking their lives to keep our homes or factories safe. If you read the newspaper, you will see that there are fires every day in different parts of the country, including Dhaka.

This fire service is the most important contribution in protecting the people from all kinds of fires or accidents in the country. You must contact the fire service if you have a fire or an accident.

If you are based in Dhaka, then there are several fire service control rooms in Dhaka City who are constantly on duty to provide services to the people. Dhaka City Fire Service Authority We have published the number of fire room control rooms in all parts of the country through our website.

It is very important for you to know the control room number of the fire service engaged in public service in different places of Dhaka city because in case of any fire you can call them and their service will reach you within a few hours. For this purpose, in the following section, we have published the Dhaka City Fire Service Control Number and the detailed article related to their service.

Dhaka City Fire Service Control Number

In order to serve the people in Dhaka city, various fire service personnel are constantly working. As a citizen of Dhaka, it is very important for you to get their number if you need any emergency City Fire Service.

Dhaka WASA Emergency Number

In this age of internet, it is very easy to collect all the information from home as the Dhaka City Fire Service Authority has published a list of control rooms under their control in different sizes in different parts of Dhaka. For those of you who are still searching the Dhaka City Fire Service control room number from the internet, we have published it here.

You can collect their numbers from us if you want, and you can call the fire service if you have a bad fire situation. The Fire Service Authority will try its best to provide the service within your Dhaka City as soon as possible. So in case of any need you can contact Dhaka City Fire Service Control Room as they are engaged for your work 24 hours a day.

Dhaka Police Contact Number 

Control Room:

02-9555555, 02-9556666, 02-9551300, 01730336699



I think the above fire service numbers will be very important to you. Stay tuned to our website to find out the contact numbers of any other armed forces in the country including the Fire Service.

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