Dhaka to Chilahati Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train is one of the means of transportation in Bangladesh. The media is managed by the state.
Trains under the guidance of Bangladesh Railway office have been helping people for many years. And all people should enjoy these benefits. Trains are known as the most convenient means of transportation in Bangladesh. All the facilities that are available for train travel.

Which no other mode of transportation can give you that advantage. So the importance of train is immense in the life of every person. So all the people who want to go to Chilahati from Dhaka. Train is a good mode of transportation for them. Through which you will reach Chilahati from Dhaka in a very beautiful way.

To common man, train is a mode of comfort. Through which you will not face any difficulty as a result of traveling. So those of you who are thinking of going by train from Dhaka to Chilahati.

But many people don’t know about the fare and schedule of all those trains. They have no reason to worry anymore.. because today we will tell you all the news about Dhaka to Chilahati train like train fare and schedule.
Which is very important for you to know.

Dhaka to Chilahati Train Schedule:

If you want to go from Dhaka to Chilahati then you have to pay 397.5 km. Which is a long way for every person. So train is the only way to travel this long distance easily. Through which people will reach their destination comfortably. The train from Dhaka leaves for Chilahati. That train is Nilsagar Express (765). Which is constantly traveling from Dhaka to Chilahati. So those of you who want to go from Dhaka to Chilahati can take this train.

The train timings are given below.

Train Name: Nilsagar Express (765)
Departs from Dhaka: 6:40am
Reach Chilahati: 16:00 hrs
Holiday: Monday

The train you saw in the schedule is Nil Sagar Express. An advanced train of Bangladesh. Due to the high speed of the train, there is no delay in reaching the destination. So the train is very good and helps a lot in beautiful journey.

No matter where you go in Bangladesh. You have to remember the train schedule. Because a train is a vehicle that runs on time. One minute late is impossible for a train. So you have to reach the station platform before time.
Let’s know about the fare or tickets of this Nilsagar Express train.

Dhaka to Chilahati Train Fare List:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to travel from Dhaka to Chilahati. Because trains already charge low fares. Trains charge the lowest fares in Bangladesh compared to all modes of transport. So common people get many benefits by traveling by train. It is important for everyone to use the train for these benefits. Those of you who are going to Chilahati from Dhaka must buy train tickets. From the ticket counter.

Never board a train without a train ticket. Because you will never be allowed to enter the train without a ticket. So it is better to collect tickets before going anywhere. You may have got the successful information of traveling by train from Dhaka to Chilahati. So it can be assumed that you will not have any difficulty. All the information you got from us here.


All that information has been collected from Bangladesh Railway Office official website. All these train related information has been disclosed to you for your convenience. You may not have to face any difficulties in train journey. Because we have mentioned all that to you. Which you didn’t know. And now you know all these facts. So it is considered that there will be no further disruption to your train movement. Have a nice train journey.


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