Dhaka to Ishwardi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train is a mass transportation medium in Bangladesh. There are many trains in Bangladesh that ply on every route in the country. The constant movement of these trains is one of the most convenient aspects for common people. Because the train is a vehicle through which you can go to different parts of the country with a very low rent and common people are enjoying all these benefits. So the importance of train is immense.

There are more or less trains running from Dhaka to every route of the country. In this way many trains ply from Dhaka to Ishwardi route. Through which it is a very beneficial aspect for the common people of all these regions. So those of you who are thinking to go by train from Dhaka to Ishwardi.

They have come to the right place. Because today in this post we will give some information about train schedule and fare from Dhaka to Ishwardi. Which is very important for you. Read our complete articles to know all these facts.

Dhaka to Ishwardi Train Schedule:

If you want to go to Ishwardi from Dhaka, you have to travel 210 km. Which is a very long way for every human being. And to travel this long distance easily you need train. So train is a good mode of transportation for you. Through which you can easily reach Ishwardi from Dhaka without any fatigue. Moreover, train is a safe vehicle. Where the number of accidents is very less. This will make your journey beautiful and safe.


So let’s know all the trains that run from Dhaka to Ishwardi. Schedule of all those trains.

All the trains that run from Dhaka to Ishwardi are (Intercity) trains.

Train Name: Sundarban Express (726)

Departs from Dhaka: 08:15

Ishwardi reaches: 13:00

Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name: Silk City Express (753)

Departs from Dhaka: 14:45

Ishwardi reaches: 19:35

Holiday: Sunday

Train Name: Padma Express (759)

Departs from Dhaka: 23:00

Ishwardi reaches: 03:20

Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name: Cheetah Express (763)

Departs from Dhaka: 19:00

Ishwardi reach: 23:15

Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Benapole Express (796)

Departs from Dhaka: 23:15

Ishwardi reaches: 04:05

Holiday: Wednesday

These five inter-city trains are constantly running from Dhaka. If you want, you can reach Ishwardi from Dhaka very easily through these trains. It will make your jani very easy and comfortable. What you should be most careful about while traveling by train. That is time. Because train is the vehicle of time. Without timing you will never get the train to the station. So you need to keep train schedule in mind while traveling by train.

Dhaka to Ishwardi Train Fare List:

Train is known as media of Bangladesh. Since it is a means of travel, a specific fare must be paid. However, you can travel anywhere in the country by train, with fares often lower than other modes of transportation other than trains. If you want to go from Dhaka to Ishwardi by any other means other than train. Then you can travel by train with less fare than what you have to pay. Which is very cost effective for you.


You should collect your train ticket before going anywhere by train. You can collect the ticket from the station ticket counter. There are many types of train tickets. Because the seat categories in the train are different. So accordingly you have to pay the fare according to your preferred seat. But you will get train tickets.

All the train related information you didn’t know. You have come to know us through this post so far. So maybe you won’t face any inconvenience due to train journey.


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