Dhaka to Netrokona Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Trains are one of the assets of our country which are scattered all over the country. For the benefit of common man. Because train is such a vehicle. Through which there are many benefits for the movement of common people. And all these facilities have been given by the Bangladesh Railway office. However, this train is managed by the state. That’s why the train never runs outside of any regular schedule.

The train travels on time. Due to which the common man does not have to suffer any kind of suffering. You can enjoy a very beautiful journey by train. Because train travel is a lot of fun. The fun you can’t understand unless you travel by train. Usually if we are traveling in any other vehicle. Then there are many problems during the movement of these vehicles. Like bounce,,, you can’t feel any bounce due to traveling by train.

So you don’t feel tired during the journey. So everyone needs to travel by train. Trains are running on every route from Dhaka to Bangladesh. In the same way, there is a lot of traffic from Dhaka to Netrakona. So those of you who are thinking of going by train from Dhaka to Netrakona.

They have come to the right place. Because today we are here to tell you all the information about how to go by train from Dhaka to Netrakona. By seeing which you will understand what you need to do to go from Dhaka to Netrakona. Moreover, you will get some tips from here. Which will play a very important role in the movement of trains all over Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Netrakona Train Schedule:

Trains that run from Dhaka to Netrakona. Those trains are one of the most powerful trains in Bangladesh. Which has more engine power. Some very famous trains are plying from Dhaka to Netrakona route. The schedule of those trains is given below.


Train Name: Mohanganj Express
Departs from Dhaka: 14:20
Netrakona reaches :18:50
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Hawa Express
Departs from Dhaka: 22:15
Netrakona reaches: 04:40
Holiday: Wednesday

You have to use this train to go from Dhaka to Netrakona. So you are thinking of taking the JE train. Know well about that train schedule.

Dhaka to Netrakona Train Schedule:

Train Name: Howrah Express
Departs from Dhaka at 08:30
Netrakona reaches :16:30
Holiday: Thursday

Train Name: Mohanganj Express
Departs from Dhaka: 23:30
Netrakona reaches :06:00
Holiday: Monday

The trains that you see here in the schedule are running on schedule. So common people don’t have to suffer. People are very convenient because of the movement in time. If you want to travel by train, you have to keep these times in mind. Because once the time is up you will not get the trains anymore. So you have to reach the station within time.

Dhaka to Netrakona Train Ticket/Fare List:

You don’t have to pay much fare to travel by train from Dhaka to Netrakona. Because trains charge very low fares. For the benefit of common man. You can reach Netrakona according to the fare which is approved by the government.


If you want to go from Dhaka to Netrakona through any other vehicle. Then you have to pay a lot of rent. Part of which is taken by train. So traveling by train is a very good way to reach your destination with very low fares.

So far you have got the information from our article. All these information are collected from Bangladesh Railway official website. We publish this information only for your convenience. So I think you will not have any difficulty to board the train from Dhaka to Netrakona.


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