Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Many of us travel from Dhaka to Rangpur by various vehicles. All those vehicles are very important for our life. Among them, the train is a vehicle that is associated with people’s needs, convenience, love, all these things. Train is a mode of transportation that people enjoy in life. This fondness may not be with any other vehicle. Because no other means other than train can give you such convenience and beautiful journey.

In that case, trains are a favorite part of every human life. So those of you who are thinking of traveling by train from Dhaka to Rangpur for the first time. You have come to the right place..because here we talk about train schedule and fares for all routes in Bangladesh.

For example, today I will give many information about Dhaka to Rangpur route schedule and tickets. Which you need to know a lot. Let’s know the do’s and don’ts for traveling by train from Dhaka to Rangpur.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule:

No matter where you are going, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the train schedule. If you don’t know the train schedule or anything about it. Then you might not catch the train. So you need to know about the schedule first. So we present all these information to you. Without knowing the time you will never get the train at the station. So know Dhaka to Rangpur train schedule.

The two trains that ply on Dhaka to Rangpur route are Rangpur Express (771) and Kurigram Express (797).
These two trains are constantly running from Dhaka to Rangpur.


Train Name: Rangpur Express (771)
Departs from Dhaka at 09:10
Reached Rangpur at 19:05
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Kurigram Express (797)
Departs from Dhaka at 20:45
Reached Rangpur at :04:55
Holiday: Wednesday

You are looking at the timings of the two trains. Both trains are running from Dhaka to Rangpur regularly according to this time. Rangpur Express (771) train is closed one day in a week. That day you are aiming for is Monday.

And Kurigram Express (797) is closed one day a week on Wednesday.
So keep all these information in mind. You never get the train on holidays. Rest of the days you will get the train.

All these things you need to keep in mind. You can now know various information about train fares and tickets from Dhaka to Rangpur.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Fare List:

The two trains that are running from Dhaka to Rangpur. The fare of that train is almost at the same level. However, train fares differ according to seats. There are many categories of train seats. Like Shobhan, Shobhan chair first berth, AC, Non AC, Snigdha are divided like this.

The fares of the train seats are the same. If you choose the lowest seat then you can reach Dhaka to Rangpur with lowest fare. Also if you want to travel your way in a little more luxury. Then you have to pay some more money to take another category seat.


You will notice the ticket chart when you go to the ticket counter at the station to collect the ticket. How much is the fare of any category seat? You can know more details about all of them. When going somewhere by train, you must collect the ticket from the ticket counter. Which will be very good for you.

No person should collect tickets except from the ticket counter. Because many times there are fake tickets. So collecting tickets from anywhere other than the ticket counter may lead to such problems. Keep in mind all the information you got from here. Hope you don’t have to face any more difficulties in your train journey.


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