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Dhaka to Sajek Valley Bus Ticket Price 2024

Nowadays Sajek is the favorite place of every traveler. Sajekkhali is located in a union of Rangamati. A large union of Baghaichhari upazila located in Rangamati. Where Sajek Valley is located. Sajek Valley is usually visited by many tourists every year. Located in Rangamati, this Sajek Valley is surrounded by thick green hills which is now known as Sajek Valley, the Queen of Hills.

In the Sajek Valley, thick white clouds float over the mountains as if it were a cloud kingdom. Therefore, many tourists from every region of Bangladesh go to Sajek Valley to enjoy the beauty there.

But mostly many people from Dhaka go to Rangamati and enjoy the natural beauty there. There are probably many of you who are planning to visit Sajek Valley. But if you are really planning to go to Sajek Valley. But let this plan of yours succeed beautifully.

But you definitely need a specific vehicle to win Sajek. Through which you can arrive beautifully dressed. But if you are looking for such a vehicle then I can tell you that you should choose bus as your vehicle. Because when you think of a long road trip, you must travel by bus.

Because the bus journey is very enjoyable and it is possible to travel anywhere by bus only with the lowest fare. So those of you who have planned to go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka. They can of course travel by bus as a vehicle. Which can bring you a lot of joy and love.

However, many of you may not know about the bus that runs from Dhaka to Sajek Valley and its fare, due to which many people are not able to give an opinion on the bus journey.

But you have no reason to worry because we have published in this article the detailed information about all the buses that ply from Dhaka to Sajek Valley. As you can easily know from our article. Which buses ply from Dhaka to Sajek Veli and their bus ticket fares? Which may be very important for you to know. Find out immediately without delay. Dhaka to Sajek Valley bus name and detailed information about its fare.

Bus to Sajek Valley from Dhaka:

Many buses ply from Dhaka to Sajek Valley regularly. In which many tourists move. But not only in Sajek Valley tourists. Also, several people move from Rangamati. All of whom go to Rangamati for other purposes.

You can also reach Sajek Valley by renting these buses for very little money. Know it. Some buses ply from Dhaka to Sajek Valley.

Hanif Enterprises, Shanti Transport, Eagle Transport, Saint Martin Transport. All these buses are regularly plying from Dhaka to Sajek Valley so if you want to travel to Sajek Valley by bus. In that case you have to take these buses.

Bus Fare:

The buses that leave for Sajek Valley from Dhaka. You may have come to know about them. But now know about all the bus fares in which you can go from Dhaka to Sajek Valley.

Hanif Enterprises
Rent: 580 Tk

Shanti Transport
Rent: 520 Tk

Eagle Transport
Rent: 525 Tk

Saint Martin Transport
Rent: 550 Tk

We have clearly disclosed here about the fares of Dhaka to Sajek Valley buses. So you don’t seem to know any other information about the Sajek Valley route buses from Dhaka. We hope you will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable ride in these buses.

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