Econo Bus Counter Number, Schedule & Ticket Price

Econo bus service is a renowned bus service of the country due to which thousands of passengers are traveling from Dhaka to different parts of the country. As a passenger, you must want to collect the counter number of any bus because by contacting these counter numbers you can know about the bus schedule and ticket price.

Econo bus services have created maximum comfort and safety for their passengers due to which more powerful engines are running from one end of the country to the other every day. There are many people who travel by econo bus but they don’t know about the bus fare schedule and contact number at the counter.

As always we have collected all the information about Econo Bus today by the authorities and we are going to publish it through our website. We hope that the information provided by us will make your journey safer and you will be able to reach your destination in less time. So without wasting time, know about Econo Bus Service counter number bus schedule and ticket price from below.

Econo Bus Counter Number

Before traveling by bus you must have a detailed idea about the bus you are traveling through. If you are traveling through any bus service, you should have an idea of ​​how the bus authority will contact you if you face any kind of problem.

Econo Bus Service is a well-known name in the country due to which this bus service is regularly traveling from one end of the country to the other end of the country with the most comfortable and powerful engine driven buses. Those of you who are interested in traveling through Econo Bus must add the counter numbers so that you can easily contact them if there is any problem.

Phone: 01992-017913

Manik Nagar
Phone: 01992-017914, 01992-0172661

Sayedabad 1
Phone: 01992-017915

Sayedabad 3
Phone: 01992-017916

Sayedabad 4
Phone: 01992-017917

Sayedabad 5
Phone: 01992-017918

Sayedabad 6
Phone: 01 992-017919

Sayedabad 10
Phone 01992-017920

Phone: 01992-017921

Mipur 1
Phone: 01992-017922

Mirpur 10
Phone: 01992-017923

Phone: 01992-017922

Phone: 01992-017925

Phone: 01992-017926

Phone: 01992-017929

Phone: 01992-017928

Fakira Pul
Phone: 01992-017930

Shanir Akhra
Phone: 01992-017931

Chittagong Road
Phone: 01992-017932

Phone: 01992-017933

Phone: 01992-017934

Bai pail
Phone: 01992-017935

Tongi College Gate
Phone: 01992-017936

Cherag ali
Phone: 01992-017937

Phone: 01992-017938

Phone: 01992-017939

Phone: 01992-017940

Phone: 01992-017941

Complaint: Phone: 01992-017999

Cox’s Bazar Counters

Phone: 01992-017943

BRTC Office
Phone: 01992-017945

Phone: 01992-017945 </ strong>

Khagrachari Counters

College Road, narkel bagan, Khagrachari
Phone: 01704-463808
Manager: 01704-460443

Econo Bus Authority is always dedicated to serve its customers that’s why they have all the counter numbers where the staff are at your service 24 hours a day. We have contacted the Econo Bus Authority and published here the list and contact numbers of all the counters in every district of the country including Dhaka.

Econo Bus Ticket Price

There are many of you who will travel by Econo bus and they don’t know about the fare of this bus. For those who don’t know about this information, it is one’s responsibility as a passenger of any express to know the price of your ticket.

The ticket price is determined based on the destination and number of races in your itinerary. Econo buses are generally offered in two types of services, arrival buses and launch buses. So select the bus service you want to travel through and purchase the ticket accordingly.

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