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GP All Service Off Code 2023

Did you know that a certain amount of charge is being made from the services that you have started? In most cases, we unknowingly turn on unnecessary services and as a result, we unknowingly deduct a certain amount of money from the original balance of the operator’s SIM.

This is a matter of concern and for those who do not know much about SIM or phone and are learning to use it, it is like a lightning bolt in their head. You are doing balance-recharge on mobile but you can’t say in which direction that balance is being spent.

A lot of the time there are a lot of inquiries in the committee but the result is zero because there is something on your SIM that is being deducted.Those of you who use GP SIM will pay a little attention and see how different offers of GP SIM can be turned off.

GP All Services Off Code 2022

I don’t like so much hassle. My brother taught me something that can close all offers at once. It’s not about me, it’s about one of you. Yes, Grameenphone Mobile Company has created a code for its customers only that you can turn off all the services from your SIM as soon as you dial the code.

Robi All Services Off Code

However, this code has a special significance. This code cannot be told to you so easily. Because of this code you will be free from an annoying experience.


I was just kidding, we just sat down to write this article to say this code. We are bringing this code in front of you without any delay.

Airtel All Services Off Code

Gp All Value Added Service Off Code – * 121 * 6 * 1 #

With the code we mentioned above, you can get out of a great deal of annoyance. Another interesting thing is that if you get bored of seeing the code, you will forget this code again and look for it again. This has happened many times in my life. I have forgotten this code and searched for it again and again. So from real experience guys save the code if possible in any one place.

Teletalk All Services Off Code

GP VAS Stop Code

One of the things we’ve talked about so far is a shortcut medium. There are many people who do not like the shortcut medium, they want to keep this service running and turn off the other service.

Now we wonder how to find a way to do this. There are ways to solve this problem on the official website of Grameenphone. We will now tell you a few different things that once you know the things you will learn to turn off different value added services separately. If you are interested in learning then you must read this article and read carefully at the end.

Banglalink All Services Off Code

To turn off GP Welcome Tune service you need to send an SMS from your mobile handset. To send an SMS, open the sms-box of the mobile and type “Stop”, then send this SMS to 4000.

If you want to stop GP call block service then you have to follow the same rule and send SMS and write “Stop CB” in the SMS and send to 5678.


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