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How to Earn Money Online in Kenya via M-PESA 2024

M-PESA is the most popular money transfer application in several countries of the African continent through which you can transfer money from any part of the world. M-PESA authorities have recently launched special schemes for their customers so that they can earn money. This is why M-PESA is a golden opportunity for those who are interested in earning money from Kenya, without any skills you can now earn $10 to $20 per day doing small jobs here.

M-PESA, you can easily receive the cash you earn online directly onto your M-PESA account as local transfer and save on fees. Anyone who is above 18 and has an identification card can get an M-PESA account. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or you are engaged in any other job or you can use this application as a part time and part time job. It is feasible to make money online in Kenya and be paid through M-PESA.

Currently, this application is available in the Google Play Store, due to which you can easily earn money by opening an account there after downloading it from here. So those of you who are interested in earning from online using this application can definitely read our entire article and if you can collect detailed information from here by reading the article and follow it properly then you can definitely earn successfully.

Writing Work 

If you love to write then you can start working as a writer for various online magazines and newspapers. M-PESA this application is currently offering special opportunities for its users to write online. So you first create your own profile here and since you want to start working as a content writer, add writing option to your category. Later the owners of various blog sites will contact you and they will give you instructions for writing on various topics. If you can complete and submit their work on time then you will be paid in return.

Invest Money Online & Earn Daily

In this way, you can earn by writing for online magazines, newspapers or any website. For most of these jobs, you only need to show a portfolio of work samples and you’re off to get jobs in the freelancer sites. On Upwork, once you have completed the online job and have been paid, you simply withdraw the money directly into your M-PESA account.

Selling Digital Products 

Currently, e-commerce websites have made good arrangements for affiliate marketing to sell their products. If you want, you can now sell these digital products on various social media and you will be given a part of the profit that will come from this. It shows that you can earn very easily without any kind of investment. You can even withdraw your earned money through M-PESA.

Web Design 

There is a huge demand for web design in the online marketplaces due to which if you can acquire good skills in web design now then it will be much easier for you to get these jobs. Fiber Upwork Freelancer through all these online platforms now it is possible to earn a lot of money by doing web designing. You can do online based jobs from anywhere in the world including Kenya.

acx.com Earn Money in Kenya

With new websites popping up day and night, you can use your web design skills to make money online. A simple website showcasing a portfolio of your previous work is a great first step to put yourself out there. After your work is done, you can accept the payment through mobile or you can shop online through the gift card that will be given to you.


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