Khulna to Biman Bandar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Many of you may be thinking about going to the airport from Khulna. But I would say that you should choose a train as a vehicle. Because you can enjoy many benefits on the only train. And you can enjoy a beautiful journey. You may all know that all the trains of Bangladeshis operate.

All these are government trains. Because of which there are different benefits. Also the train journey does not cause any jerk. Because of this, the train journey is absolutely comfortable.

However, because Bangladeshi trains are government, the fare is more convenient for the general public of this country. Because only the train can be rented with less money. Which is never possible in other vehicles. And it is a big advantage for the general public to travel to the train with this low money.

Many of you may be thinking about going from Khulna to the airport train. However, you who do not know about the trains on this route. Or do not know about the schedule or rent of these trains. They read our entire article well. Biman Bandar trains from Khulna to schedule and ticket rental.

Khulna to Biman Bandar Train Schedule:

(Inter -city)

Several inter -city trains operate from Khulna to the airport route. Find out the names of the inter -city trains on this route and its schedule.

The name of the train is Sundarbans Express (120)
Exit from Khulna: 22: 1 time
Arrives at the airport: 9:20
Holidays: Tuesday

The train is named Cheetah Express (1)
Discounts from Khulna: 1: 3
Biman Bandar reaches: 1: 22 time
Holidays: Monday

These inter -city trains operate on the airport route from Khulna. Because of this, the train passengers on this route do not have any difficulty on the train. These trains can catch these trains if the passengers can attend the station. So if you want to go to the airport through these trains. In that case you also need to know well this time. And must be present at the station according to this specified time.

Khulna Two Biman Bandar Train Ticket Rent List:

From Khulna to the airport you do not have to pay too much fare if you travel the train. However, you will have to pay double the amount of rent than the train to go to other vehicles. Only the train can give you an affordable journey.

However, you can get different fares on these trains. Because there are different types of cabins on these trains. Those are provided with different benefits. These cabins have to pay different fares for all these different benefits.

But if you want to rent the lowest money. Then you have to take a seat from the decoration department. For this you have to pay Tk 120. Which is the lowest rent for these trains.

And if you want to enjoy maximum benefits on these trains. In that case you have to choose the AC Birth section. That’s why you have to pay 5 bucks. In exchange for which you can enjoy the maximum benefit of a train.

There are also many more keels among these inter -city trains. They can go with different fares. However, no matter the section you want to travel from. According to that section you have to purchase a ticket. Because without tickets you cannot travel the train. Of course you will buy tickets from the station’s ticket counter.

Do not take a ticket given by any other person other than the ticket counter. Because there are many unscrupulous people. People who are cheating with fake tickets with people. So only buy tickets from the ticket counter. I think your train journey will be completed correctly.


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