Khulna to Chuadanga Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The current trains in Bangladesh have been or are being converted into a modern vehicle. Train is a mode of transportation. That medium is a vehicle of fascination and joy to every people of this country. Traveling by train brings many benefits to people. The benefits that every person gets. The first thing that comes to mind is the train fare.

Common people have to pay very less fare by traveling by train in Bangladesh. Which is much less than other vehicles. Moreover, people do not experience any difficulty or delay in reaching their destination due to train travel. People travel easily by train and reach their destination very quickly.

More or less trains are running on every route from Khulna to Bangladesh. All those trains are very good trains of Bangladesh. Some trains are also observed on the Khulna to Chuadanga route. Those trains leave for Chuadanga regularly from Khulna.

So those of you who are thinking of going to Chuadanga from Khulna. Trains are sufficient as a convenient mode of transportation for them. Because you will have a great time traveling by train which you will enjoy and reach your destination without any fatigue.

Moreover, the fare you have to pay for traveling from Khulna to Chuadanga. You cannot travel to any other vehicle at that fare. It will require twice the rent. So those who are thinking of going by train from Khulna to Chuadanga. They have come to the right place. Because today we are going to publish here, Khulna to Chuadanga train schedule and fare list.

Moreover, you will get some such tips from here. Which will help you a lot in the train movement of the whole country. To know all these facts we have to read the complete texts. By seeing which you can easily understand what you need to do to go by train from Khulna to Chuadanga.

Khulna to Chuadanga Train Schedule:


Train Name Kapotaksh Express (716)
Departs from Khulna at 06:30
Time to reach Chuadanga: 09:10
Holiday: Tuesday


Train Name Sundarban Express (726)
Departs from Khulna at 22:15
Time to reach Chuadanga: 00:53
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name Rupsa Express (727)
Departs from Khulna at :07:10
Reached Chuadanga at :09:44
Holiday: Thursday

Name of the Train: Border Express (748)
Departs from Khulna at :21:15
Reach Chuadanga at :23:53
Holiday: Monday

Intercity trains that you noticed here. And he noticed the time. These trains depart regularly from Khulna to Chuadanga according to these timings. So if you want to go to Chuadanga through these trains. In that case you have to reach the station according to this time. And to catch the train.

Khulna to Chuadanga Train Ticket Price & Online Booking

The fare you have to pay to travel by train from Khulna to Chuadanga. That fare is fixed fare by Bangladesh Railway office. Which applies to every human being. You can travel from Khulna to Chuadanga by paying a minimum fare of Tk 130-465 here. All the originals on the train. Those seats are rented one by one.

As per the fare which is the lowest you will get a seat from the decorative category. And if you want to go to Chuadanga with maximum fare. Then the seat you will get from AC berth seat category.


There are many more seat categories in between. They are,,, Sobhan Chair, First Seat, First Berth, Snigdha and AC Berth. You will find these sections in trains. The fares are different and the seats have different benefits. So you will collect tickets according to your preferred seat.

Of course you will collect the ticket from the station ticket counter. You may have understood all the things you need to do to travel by train from Khulna to Chuadanga. So hopefully you won’t face any difficulty in your train journey.


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