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Finally, overcoming all obstacles, on the 25th of June, the largest bridge in Bangladesh, Padma, started operating. Just as buses and other vehicles will run on land, rail service has been launched from under the Padma Bridge to Dhaka to Jessore. This is going to alleviate the suffering of the traffic from Mawa to Bhanga.

The Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh Railway Authority have recently rescheduled the broken train route from Mawa and it is expected to start from June. This made the journey from Dhaka to Jessore easier. In particular, the long-awaited launch of passengers from Mawa to Bhanga is coming to an end.

For those of you who want to travel by train from Mawa to Bhanga, I would like to say that the Bangladesh Railway Authority has introduced three trains on this route so that you can travel to places by a3. For those of you who want to travel by train, I would like to say that we have published the schedule of all the trains from Mawa to Bhanga, as well as the information on how much the fare has been fixed for these trains.

Mawa to Bhanga Train Schedule

After the unveiling of the Padma Bridge, two new trains will be launched from Mawa to Bhanga, especially for those who are interested in traveling by train. Those of you who want to travel by train for various business or business needs in this region can now easily get there in a short time at low cost.

Trains are running from Mawa to Bhanga. The train starts from Mawa at 9:30 am every day and arrives at Bhanga at 2:30 am. This train does not stop at any station on the way. The train is scheduled to run seven days a week, but will only be closed on Thursdays. The Bangladesh Railway Authority has published the train schedule of this route through their website. We have mentioned it here for you.

Dhaka to Jessore Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Below you will find the itinerary and a detailed idea of ​​which trains will stop at which stages. So learn about the train schedule from Mawa to Bhanga without wasting time and start your journey.

Mawa to Bhanga Train Ticket Price

Those of you who want to travel from Mawa to Bhanga already know about the train schedule. The Bangladesh government and the railway authorities are deciding to fix a train ticket for the journey from Mawa to Bhanga. However, the price of the broken train ticket from Mawa has not been fixed yet, but it is expected to be announced soon. Due to the short distance from Mawa to Bhanga, the rent is much lower.

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