MV Tipu Launch Ticket, Schedule & Contact Number

If you are a regular launch passenger then you must have heard of this company’s launch before. Bangladesh is a riverine country so of course the use of Bangladesh launch is more or less seen. All these ships and launches are used in large quantities for transportation of goods. But launches are only used for passenger transport in certain places.

Especially those districts or divisions from Dhaka which are not in a very good condition of communication by land, they connect with Dhaka through river launches. The launch we are talking about today is the regular launch from Dhaka to Char Fashion and from Char Fashion to Dhaka on a regular basis. So the passengers of this area get along well with this article.

MV Tipu Launch

A very old launch company and the launch company always strives to provide good quality service to the passengers. And now the business competition has moved on in the hope of newer and bigger launch companies and the more services they provide the better their business is.

Their main advantage is that they try to maintain the timetable and try to leave the launch at the specified time all the time. Passengers are always treated well by the crew of this launch and they try to make sure that the passengers can easily complete their journey.

This launch has a total capacity of 700, which means the capacity of this race is 700 people. 80 life guards are always deployed to protect the passengers of the launch. In addition to the cabin facilities at the launch, the facilities at the place of prayer and the canteen system are of very good quality. Those who have already traveled to the launch will be able to say well.

MV Tipu Launch Today Schedule

These company launches are extremely time consuming. This launch is scheduled for 6:45 pm for those of you who will be traveling from Dhaka. Those who will start the journey from Dhaka will be able to start the journey from Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal at 6:45 am and this journey will end at 6:10 am in Char Fashion.

In addition, all the passengers who want to come to Dhaka from Char Fashion will be able to start their journey by launch from Char Fashion at 4:00 pm. And if all goes well, they will be able to arrive at Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal at 6:10 am the next day and finish their journey.

MV Tipu Launch Mobile Number

After all the requirements of mobile number. So for those who want to collect mobile numbers and have been searching for these mobile numbers for a long time, we have collected the mobile numbers of each office of the launch.

The hot line number of MV Tipu Launch is given. You can call this hot line number for any need. The hot line number of MV Tipu Launch is 01721 978652.

The mobile number of MV Tipu Launch Barisal office is 01716 248222. If you want you can contact this number for different needs.

You can use MV Tipu Launch’s Dhaka office mobile number for different needs. The mobile number is 01777 681655.

Mobile number of MV Tipu launch

For those who want to call the launch directly, the mobile number of the launch has been brought directly. These mobile numbers are – 01753 945 610, 01777 683996, 01777 683997.

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