Santahar to Dinajpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price Online Booking

Compared to almost all modes of transportation, trains are very comfortable and safe. Through which the convenience of movement is much more than almost vehicles. Trains play a very important role in the movement of people. Trains run in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Moreover, trains are running continuously from Santahar on every route.

So those of you who want to travel by train from Santahar to Dinajpur. They may not know much about trains yet. Which is very important for a person to know. All those unknown information will be revealed to you through our post.

If you want to go by train from Santahar to Dinajpur. Then you need to know a lot of information about those trains. And you will get all that information through this post.

Such as train schedule and train fare ticket information. Moreover you will get some such tips from here. Which will come in handy during your train journey to all parts of the country. If you want to know them, read the following articles completely.

Santahar to Dinajpur Train Schedule:


All the trains that run from Santahar to Dinajpur every day. All those trains run daily from Santahar to Dinajpur route under the supervision of Bangladesh Railway.

The list of all those trains is given below. Which you can see. Any train runs regularly on Santahar to Dinajpur route. And you can know about all those trains when and which train will travel. So read this post of ours completely. You can understand it very easily. All Santahar to Dinajpur train information.


Train Name Ekta Express (705)
Departure from Santahar at 18:15
Arrival at Dinajpur : 19:00 hrs

Name of the train Hrityan Express (737)
Departure from Santahar at :03:15
Reached Dinajpur at 04:00

Train Name Dolanchampa Express (767)
Departure from Santahar at 18:45
Reached Dinajpur at 20:10

These intercity trains run regularly on Santahar to Dinajpur route. So if you want to go through these trains. But know these times well.

Santahar to Dinajpur Train Ticket Fare List:

All the trains that run from Santahar to Dinajpur. You can know the fare of all these trains through this post. As always, train fares are much lower than all other modes of transportation. So it is better to travel by train as the fare is less.

Because in this you will be economical in your financial aspects. So train travel is very good mode. In the case of ordinary people. Train fares are different for each category. So you can choose according to your convenience.

He paid the rent according to the seat. If you want to take train tickets. Then you must add yoga at the ticket counter. Collect the tickets from the ticket counter. No ticket should be taken outside the counter. As a result, you may have to face many problems on the journey. So if you have to take the ticket, collect it from the ticket counter. This will make your trip beautiful.


Many times many people do not have tickets after boarding the train. Then the TT of that train comes to collect the ticket. If you fail to pay your ticket then. Then you will face a lot of harassment. If you want to go for the lowest fare of these trains. In that case you have to pay 120 rupees as rent. For this you will get seats from the decorative category.

And if you want to take seats from AC berths in the highest category of these trains. In that case you have to pay Rs 430 as rent. In this exchange you can enjoy maximum benefits in a train.


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