Nagad Islamic Account App Download 2024 – Account Open Method

The country’s most popular mobile banking service Nagad has launched new services for its customers. As early as 2022, the Nagad authorities announced through a campaign that they would launch Islamic account services. To this end, the process of launching Islamic accounts in Nagad started from the first week of February.

For those of you who want to start a Nagad account in accordance with Islamic Sharia, an Islamic account is very important because you will not get any interest from the city for using the account. Today we will show you through this article how to open a Nagad account and how to download the mobile application that is available to use this account.

What is Nagad Islamic Account?

At the beginning of the discussion we will give you a detailed idea about what a Nagad Islamic account is. Islamic Sharia is the act of launching your own account in a Nagad mobile banking service based on Islamic Sharia.

Activities are usually conducted in Nagad Islamic accounts as directed by the Shariah Supervisory Committee. Ordinary Accounts The main difference between an Islamic account is that you have money in your original balance. Interest is paid on a normal account but you will not get any interest by opening an Islamic account.

Nagad Islamic Account Interest Off System

Nagad Islamic App Download

As a Muslim you must be bound by Islamic Sharia which is why there are so many Muslims who have started Nagad Islamic accounts. But in order to help those who are ignorant about their use, we would like to say that you must install Nagad Islamic app on your mobile.

Note that the Nagad Islamic yet new 19 Nagad account is just a separate account type. So you can open an Islamic account using a Nagad account or a mobile application.


However, there are many of us who have not yet installed the Nagad Official Mobile Application, but I would like to say that you must enter the Google Play Store and install the Nagad Mobile Application. Then you will have access to Islamic account services by logging in there.

Nagad Cash Out Method

How to Open Nagad Islamic Account?

We have already told you that Nagad Islamic accounts are not a separate issue. Changing the type or type of ordinary Nagad account will transform your account into an Islamic account. However, keep in mind that you can switch to a Nagad account at most once a month.

If you want to use an Islamic account, you must open a Nagad account. Now let us know how to convert a Nagad account to a Nagad account.

  • Launch the Nagad Mobile app and enter the Nagad app.
  • Select Nagad or My Nagad from the application.
  • Determine what the account type will be.
  • Since you are interested in using Islamic account, click on Islamic account.
  • Then tap on Yes option in the pop-up option in Settings.
  • Your normal Nagad account has been converted to an Islamic account.

Nagad Pin Reset System 

You will see some changes in the user interface of your Nagad app after launching Nagad Islamic account. We hope that by following the instructions given above you will be able to open a cash Islamic account and download the application.


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