Robi Emergency MB Loan Code 2024 – Robi Jhotpot Internet Loan

Robi, the country’s most popular mobile telecommunication operator, has arranged emergency loans for its customers. Earlier only customers could take emergency balance but many times we face various complications due to lack of internet despite having balance in our phone. With this in mind, Robi has launched the company’s new system service. Now, if you are a prepaid Robin customer, you can get a minimum of 200 MB and a maximum of 1 GB of Internet Emergency Balance.

Many of you are aware of Robi Emergency MB Loan. But not many people know how to activate it and how long it will last. For their purpose today we have written this article where we have discussed how to purchase Robi Emergency MB by dialing and detailed information about its validity.

Robi Emergency Internet Loan

With the advent of the Internet, we are now able to take the whole world in our hands from the comfort of our homes. In this case, the number of Internet users in Bangladesh has been increasing for a long time due to the most popular mobile network in Bangladesh, the country’s fastest Internet and affordable packages.

Those of you who are Robi subscribers are already aware that we have launched a new service for our subscribers. In case you run out of internet you can take emergency internet loan. But if you do not know how to take Elo, then you must follow the steps we have explained below.

Robi Emergency 200 MB Loan Code

If you are a Robi customer then the good news for you is now getting Emergency Loan. You now get 50 megabytes, 100 megabytes, or another 100 megabytes of internet with a single dial when you run out of emergency internet. But you know how to activate. Let’s know how to activate Robi 200 MB internet loan without knowing.

Those of you who want to receive emergency balance through mobile dial dial code, first go to mobile dial option and dial * 8811 * 11 # and follow the instruction.

In the next step, select the amount of emergency megabytes you want to borrow and reply. Hopefully you have been given a new emergency loan of internet balance.

Internet Loan by SMS

If you want, you can easily receive emergency balance by sending SMS to mobile. In this case, first go to the message option of your mobile and

  • type “START
  • Now, you can choose your internet loan (50/100/200/250).
  • Now send the SMS 8811, and you can get the loan.

You can easily get internet balance for free by following the methods given above. However, the special instruction for you is that the next time you recharge your Robi number, money will be deducted from your account according to the price of internet.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Robi Emergency Internet is usually offered for one day.
  • You can try for emergency internet when your mobile balance is zero.
  • If you want, you can take emergency loan through SMS and dial USSD code.
  • To check the loan, you need to dial * 3 #.
  • Included 15% VAT and other charges.
  • This internet loan is suitable for prepaid and postpaid users.
  • Dial *811*11# to check out the internet loan service.

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