Star Line Bus Counter, Time Schedule, Contact Number, Online Ticket Price

Star Line Bus is a popular bus service of Star Group of Bangladesh. Because of which if you want to travel from capital Dhaka to Chittagong Cox’s Bazar Feni these districts by bus then you must travel by their buses. There are many of us who are comfortable traveling by bus. For them, Starline Group authorities have brought powerful engine driven buses that can take you to your destination in a short period of time.

Bus journey with us will be safer when you travel in a high quality bus. Starline is a bus service that will be able to reach you safely to your destination. In several districts including the capital of Bangladesh, the roads have improved a lot due to which now there are very few accidents on these roads. For this purpose, if you want to travel by Starline bus, then I will tell you that we have published the list of all the counters of Starline bus for you today.

Not only bus list but also bus schedule contact number to contact them and even detailed information about how you can buy tickets online. So those of you who have decided to travel by Starline Bus must read our article and gather information from here to travel by bus.

Star Line Bus Counter

Star Line Bus is currently launched in Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar and Feni cities of the capital, but soon it is expected to travel to all the divisional cities of Bangladesh as well as the district level. If you want to travel from the capital Dhaka to all these districts or if you want to reach the capital from these districts then you have to resort to Starline Bus.

But in this case you have to contact the bus counter that they have. Contact any bus counter near you because now they have created their own bus counter at each location due to which you can now collect all the information from their counter. Many people have searched the internet for this information, we have shared the list of Star Line Bus counters here.


Cherag Ali Office
Phone: 01973-259542

Abdullahpur office
Phone: 01973-259514

Uttara office
Phone: 01973-259513

Airport office
Phone: 01973-259512

Phone: 01973-259511

Badda office
Phone: 01973-259516

Banasree office
Phone: 01973-259548

Kacukhet Office
Phone: 01973-259505

Mirpur 10 offices
Phone: 01973-259506

Mirpur 1 office
Phone: 01973-259507

Arambagh Office
Phone: 01973-259524

Fakirapul office
Phone: 01973-259525

Magda office
Phone: 01973-259503

TT Para office
Phone: 01973-259651

Maniknagar office
Phone: 01973-259652

Sayedabad-3 office
Phone: 01973-259693

Sayedabad-6 office
Phone: 01973-259653

Chittagong Road Office
Phone: 01973-259606

kachpur counter
Rafiqul Islam & Ali Hossain
Phone: 01687-480569


Barpole office
Phone: 01973-259681

Alangkar office
Phone: 01973-259685

AK Khan Office
Phone: 01973-259635

Bhatiary office
Phone: 01973-259684


Feni Terminal Office
Phone: 01973-259628, 01973-259613



Chagalnaya office
Phone: 01973-259610

Phone: 01973-259617

Fulgazi Office
Phone: 01973-259637

Hospital Moor Office
Phone: 01973-259639

Salahuddin Moor Office
Phone: 01973-259539

Sonagazi office
Phone: 01973-259940

Dak Bungalow Office
Phone: 01973-259558

Barrier Hat Office
Phone: 01973-259614

Mahipal 3 office
Phone: 01973-259540

Office of the Mahipal 4
Phone: 01973-259640

Fatehpur Pump Office
Phone: 01973-259641

Padua Office
Phone: 01973-259641

gangra rastar matha
Phone: 01973-259569

Cheyora Office
Phone: 01973-259642

Amjad’s market office
Phone: 01973-259537

Chouddagram office
Phone: 01973-259612

Mahipal 2 office
Phone: 01973-259644, 01973-259510

Lal Poll Office
Phone: 01973-259645

Kasba Office
Phone: 01973-259611

Muhuriganj office
Phone: 01973-259648


Puraton jhinuk Market Office
Phone: 01973-259671

Zia Guest House Office
Phone: 01973-25967

Central Bus Terminal Office
Phone: 01973-259673

Sugandha Office
Phone: 01973-259687

Sea Hill Office
Phone: 01973-259678

Chakaria BUS TARMINAL Office
Phone: 01973-259534

Star Line Bus Time Schedule 

To travel by Star Line Bus you need to know about their bus schedule. Although all kinds of information are shared on their official website, there are still many people who want to know about their bus schedule. I would like to tell them that now you can easily know their bus schedule from our official website as well.

Every day from the capital Dhaka at seven in the morning, different buses are running to their respective destinations. It is for this purpose that the Star Line Bus Authority has recently released their new timetable which we have shared with you here. You can collect the Star Line bus schedule from the below section and reach your destination by taking the bus at the time you need.

Star Line Bus Contact Helpline Number 

If you have any kind of problem in your transportation along the Star Line, you have to take their help. Because of which it is your responsibility to collect all the contact numbers to contact them. Even if you face any kind of problem during the journey then their contact numbers will always help you to help them. For this purpose we have shared their contact helpline number to contact you here.

Star Line Bus Ticket Price & Online Booking

Their official website is now only available for online ticket sales. Starline is currently a popular digital system in Bangladesh and there are many people using the service who want to purchase tickets online. If you want, you can easily book tickets online by visiting their official website. The bus fare that is fixed for each passenger is also shared here.

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