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Top 10 Money Earning Apps in Nigeria 2024

In order to keep pace with the developed world and to improve their own condition, Nigeria, one of the most popular countries in the South African continent, has now advanced a lot in terms of information and communication technology. With the help of app developers, this country has been able to surpass itself in terms of information and technology in a short period of time. Now in every part of Nigeria various types of applications are being launched from which it is possible to earn thousands of dollars every day.

Those of you who are based in Nigeria may already want to know how to earn daily income from Nigeria also using a mobile application. Although it seems unknown to many people, we think that in this age of internet, all information is possible. We would like to inform you that there are several applications in Nigeria that can be used to earn money from home.

Today we are going to discuss with you all the things that are very popular in Nigeria today and people of all age groups in Nigeria are making money using these apps. Nigeria is a small country, because of the addiction of the people of this country to the use of internet, you will now have the opportunity to earn money. Below we have published a list of several money earning apps for you that you can follow.

Top 10 Money Earning Apps in Nigeria

There are several apps in Nigeria that people are making money using but sadly there are many apps nowadays where the payment is emerald even after you work for a long time. In earning money online, you have to remember that the application authority will give you money only when you spend effort and talent there. Below we have mentioned some application names and information about how to use them.

Carry1st Trivia

If you want to earn money by answering small questions then this application will play a special role for you. This most reviewed app used in Nigeria is currently being used by many and has already received payments.

Nigerian erudite enter here. The Carry1st Trivia app is fun and also financially beneficial. It challenges the extent to which you are vast in knowledge, with a list of carefully selected questions. The deal here is to give the right answers to the questions provided and get rewarded financially.


How to Make 3000 Naira Daily ?

If you want, you can install this application right now from the Google Play Store, so you will get a chance to work here in a short time. You have to register by launching the application and you have to answer all the questions that will appear in front of you. If your answer is correct then your profile will be credited.

Click Workers

This application is especially useful for those of you who are unemployed and trying to find micro jobs while in Nigeria. Recently this application has been added by the Malaysian government so that we can find a job near them through this application. The application has different types of tasks such as survey, application testing, research, etc. If you do different types of tasks, you can earn a large amount of money every day.


Buzz Break

If you want to earn money by getting entertainment then special offers have been launched for people in Nigeria. Buzz Break After using this application you will be shown different types of video ads. You get paid based on the amount of videos you watch every day, either new videos will be displayed in front of you or different types of ads will be shown to you.


Daily Task Earn Money in Nigeria 

The application is currently launched on the Google Play Store and people from all walks of life can install this application. There are more than 2 million users who are constantly using this app and doing well in the online sector. So those of you who want to earn money from Nigeria using this application can use this application if you want.

Instant Naira

Last but certainly not the least on our list, is the Instant Naira app. More like the aforementioned apps, the Instant Naira app, is equipped with features that allow individuals to make money from their smartphones. This application is very important for those who want to earn money through mobile phone. Those of you who have a bank account will continue to earn instant money every day by connecting your bank account with this application.


Based on these applications given above, you can earn money using mobile applications in Nigeria. But in most cases, if the applications are given the opportunity to earn money from advertisements by watching videos, it is very difficult to get payment from them. After you create profile you will provide your PayPal account there so that money can be withdrawn to your PayPal account.


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