Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Saudi Arabia

Yesterday, Apple launched a new series of smart watches through their August event. Although before the announcement of this event, the Apple Watch Series 8 fast look was leaked through various social networks worldwide. However, after Apple’s official announcement, people around the world have a great demand for this watch. Especially in Saudi Arabia, many people feel comfortable using Apple watches. As FL is about to launch their new model of watch globally so as a Saudi Arabian you must go to buy this watch.

The good news for you is that recently several commerce websites in Saudi Arabia have already started taking Apple Watch Series 8 pre-orders. Those of you who are interested in buying this watch must know the price in Saudi Arabian currency. As always, today we have revealed the price of Apple Watch in Saudi Arabian currency and shared detailed information about the specifications of this watch.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Saudi Arabia

After Apple CEO Apple Watch Series 7 was launched at the event, this watch was in great demand all over the world. The stock of the watch was exhausted before the release due to which the Apple company decided to launch their new series of smartwatches.

Following this, Apple’s new series of smart watches have been launched worldwide. Currently, people in Saudi Arabia are interested in knowing the price and specifications of this watch. We have mentioned here their fixed prices by visiting Apple’s official announcement website. You can collect your important information from here and buy Apple Watch 8 from the market.

Apple Watch Series 8 Full Specifications

Looking at the Apple Watch Series 8 specifications, we see that a 1.78-inch display has been used. Display resolution 448*368. 32GB of internal storage has been used against one GB of RAM. Looking at the battery, we can see that a 350 mah battery has been given to use this watch for a long time. Looking at other features, we can see that no camera is used in this watch. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks are used. Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 8 With New Body Temperature Sensor, Car Crash Detection.



Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Saudi Arabia

In the above part, we have presented the complete specifications for you, now we are going to share the detailed information about the price of watches in Saudi Arabia market. The launch of the watch was announced at an Apple event on August 8 and pre-orders for the watch have already started worldwide. If you want to buy Apple’s official watch then you have to order it online from Apple’s showroom.

Considering the price, the price of this watch has been kept a little higher than the previous Apple Dawn, but even though there has been no change in the feature side, this watch has some special features. If you want to buy this watch from any market in Saudi Arabia then you have to pay 799 US dollars in cash. Apple authorities have set an official price for this watch and you can buy the watch at this rate in the global market.

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