Biman Bandar to Bogra Train Schedule & Ticket Price

When we think of a long way to go. Then everyone remembers the tiring journey. Because traveling a long way causes fatigue in the body in various ways. If we travel by bus, micro or all these vehicles. Then our body feels more tired.

So if you are thinking of a long journey. Then it can be considered convenient for every person to travel by train. Because traveling by train does not cause any fatigue or stress in the human body. People can travel very easily by train.

The distance from the airport to Bogra is about 180 km. Which is a long way off. This long road can be a very dangerous journey for all people. Because currently the road condition is very bad due to road construction work going on all over Bangladesh. That’s why it is important for every person to choose train for long distance journey.

This will allow you to cover longer distances without any fatigue. Moreover, you will get many benefits as a result of traveling by train. You can reach Bogra from the airport for very little money. You can travel by train for any amount. For that same money you can never reach Bogra by any other vehicle. Because train is a government vehicle due to which train fares are very low for the convenience of common people.

So those of you who are thinking of going by train from airport to Bogra. This post of ours is very important for them. Because we are going to publish in this post about Biman Bandar to Bogra train schedule and fare list. If you don’t know, you can find out.

Biman Bandar to Bogra Train Schedule:

All the trains that run from the airport to Bogra village are intercity trains. The trains which are very famous in Bangladesh and very good quality trains. Intercity trains are very fast compared to other trains so there is no delay in reaching the destination. Moreover, there are many benefits available in inter-city trains.

For example, you can sleep on an intercity train. There are sleeping arrangements for you. Moreover, you can take food if you want. Even those trains have good facilities for namaz, you can pray during the journey.


The two intercity trains that run from the airport to Bogra are
Lalmoni Express 751 and Rangpur Express 771, these two trains are given below.

Train Name: Lalmony Express (751)
Departure from airport: 22:12 time
Arrive Bogra: 04:21 Time
Holiday: Friday

Train Name: Rangpur Express (751)
Departure time from airport: 09:37
Arrive Bogra at 15:54
Holiday: Monday

These two trains are constantly traveling on Bogra route as per scheduled time. So if you want to go to Bogra by these two trains. Then you have to remember these times. And the trains are very fast so there is no delay.

List of Biman Bandar to Bogra Train Tickets/Fares

You all know that trains are government vehicles. In that case the train fare is very less. Bangladesh Railway Authority has provided such facilities for common people. But you don’t have to pay a lot of fare to go to Bogra from the airport. You can go to Bogra for their fixed fare.

A train has many cabins, the cabins are divided in different ways. By division you will notice that the train seats are divided into different categories and the categories are marked with different names like, Shobhan, Shobhan Chair, First Asana, Snigdha, AC, AC Berth. Trains are divided into these names.


And the fares vary from cabin to cabin. If you want to go with the lowest fare. Then you have to pay the rent. That is 130 rupees. For this 130 rupees you will get seat from Shobhan category which is the lowest seat category.

And if you want to take a seat from the highest seat category in these two trains then you have to pay Tk 1180 fare. In return you will get seat from AC berth section which is the highest seat section of the train.

Hope to get the information given to us. Got all the information to travel by train from your airport to Bogra. Hope you don’t have to face any inconvenience due to the train journey.


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