Tungipara Express Counter Number, Schedule & Online Ticket Price

Bus Journey can safely take us from one end of the country to the other in a short period of time. Due to which most of the people of Bangladesh use different companies’ buses to travel safely from one end of the country to the other. Due to the improvement of the roads in Bangladesh, at present several expensive KCO non-ecc light buses are regularly plying from one end of the country to the other.

Tungipara Express under the control of Karim Motors is traveling with passengers from one end of the country to the other every morning and night. As a passenger, you must want to know all the information about Tungipara Express transport. Due to which we are searching all the information like counter number bus schedule online ticket price booking etc. of Tungipara Express on the internet.

We have presented all the detailed information about the contact numbers and online tickets of the reputed transport bus service services of the country through our website to help you constantly. Below is the information about Tungipara Express counter number bus schedule and how to book tickets online.

Tungipara Express Ticket Price

Those of you who are aware of Tungipara Express, you might know that Tungipara Express has provided good transportation to every region of the country. There are many people who feel comfortable to travel by bus and for those people Tungipara Express plays the most important role.

While traveling by bus, you must know about the fare of the bus. Usually these fares are effective at the district level. Bus fares are determined depending on your destination. In the below section we have mentioned below the ticket price of Tungipara Express at district wise level.

Tungipara Express Dhaka To Khulna Ticket Fare 

  • Dhaka to Khulna Non Ac- 400Tk
  • Dhaka to Khulna AC- 550Tk

Tungipara Express Counter Contact Number

For those of you who have decided to travel by bus through Tungipara Express, I would like to say that here we have published the list of them along with the contact numbers on which you can report any problem to them. So contact your Tungipara Express counter amount from the zone you are under from the below section.

For booking/info call us at 026682223, 0170167170(1-9)


Dhaka Counter

Gulistan Counter,
Phone:- 1071272640, 01196267167

Gulistan Counter 2
Phone:- 01193096110

Saidabad Counter

Saidabad , Janapath Counter
Phone:- 01196267166

Kalijong Notun rasta counter
Phone:- 01757087647

Pona Kasiani Counter
Phone:- 01714708492

Vatiapara Counter
Phone:- 01712373646

Tilchara Counter
Phone:- 01916701001

Gopalgonj police Lines Counter
Phone:- 01748080064

Gobra Ghonapara Counter
Phone:- 01797593117

Patgati Counter
Phone:- 01731779561

Soildaho Counter
Phone:- 01911080185

Vaijora Counter
Phone:- 01718731931

Mativanga Counter
Phone:- 01717995918

Dighirjan Counter
Phone:- 01712818269

Najirpur Counter
Phone:- 01718450867

Khulna Counter

Khalishpur Counter
Phone:- 01793137270

Sonadanga Counter
Phone:- 01793137262

Peoples More Counter
Phone:- 01793137263

Maroari Gate Counter
Phone:- 10793137264

Royel More Counter
Phone:- 10793137265

Rupsha, Ghat Counter
Phone:- 10793137266

You can contact the counter numbers given in the above section to purchase tickets online and also know about the bus schedule within a short time. All the information uploaded by us regarding Tungipara Express is officially recognized by the authorities so you can follow us as per your schedule.

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