Biman Bandar to Gaibandha Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Trains run on every route in Bangladesh. Because train is a national vehicle of Bangladesh. Due to which, for the convenience of the people of this country, the Bangladesh Railway office provides more or less trains on all routes for the convenience of the people of each region.

Train travel brings many benefits to common people. So train is a very favorite vehicle for every person. Similarly, inter-city trains run on the Gaibandha route from the airport. The trains are known as one of the best trains in Bangladesh. Intercity trains are very good quality trains in Bangladesh.

Intercity trains offer many facilities. Which all people of this country have the right to travel. Those of you who want to go by train from airport to Gaibandha. They have come to the right place. Because here we are going to publish various things about Airport to Gaibandha route train schedule and fare. If you do not know, you can find out by looking at this post.

Two intercity trains have been plying on this route for a long time. So people going to Gaibandha from the airport do not have to face any difficulty in their journey. So know about airport to Gaibandha train schedule.

Airport to Gaibandha Train Schedule:

The two (inter-city) trains that run from the airport to Gaibandha are the Lalmoni Express (751) and the Rangpur Express (771).

These two trains are constantly running on this route.


Train Name: Lalmony Express (751)
Departure from Airport: 22:12
Gaibandha reaches :05:37
Holiday: Friday

Train Name: Rangpur Express (771)
Departs from airport: 09:37
Gaibandha reaches: 17:14
Holiday: Monday

The two intercity trains you noticed. These two trains are running within this scheduled time. Due to which passengers do not have to face any problem. Even because of punctuality no one has to wait for the train. If you arrive at the station on time. Then you can catch the train at that moment.

And you have to be careful about train timings. Remember what time the train leaves. If you somehow waste time. Then you will not get the train at the station at that time. So you have to reach the station within time.

Airport to Gaibandha Train Ticket/Fare List:

All the vehicles that we operate require us to pay certain fares for travel. Similarly, you have to pay the fare for traveling by train. But no matter which part of Bangladesh you go to. You can travel by train at a much lower fare than the rest of the vehicles.


Because the Bangladesh Railway office has provided this facility for the people. Which is managed according to the government. You can go to Gaibandha from the airport with very low fares. Which is not possible in any other vehicle. You may know that trains have many cabins. The cabins are almost completely different.

Even each cabin offers different facilities. Which also has different names like Shobhan, Shobhan Chair, First Seat, First Berth Snigdha, AC Seat, AC Berth. These train cabins are divided by name in which you will get different facilities. Among these, the lowest seat category is Shobhan whose fare is 370 rupees. You can reach Gaibandha with a minimum of Rs 370.

Also if you want to take a seat from the highest seat category. Then you have to pay Rs 1335 as rent. The seat you will get is from AC berth category. There are more seat categories among you. From there you can buy tickets according to the category you like. But to get the ticket you must pay from the ticket counter of the station.

Do not take tickets from any unscrupulous person outside the station as this may hamper your journey. So, if you want to buy a ticket, you must buy it from the ticket counter at the station. You may have understood. Getting to Gaibandha by train from the airport is all you need to do. So I think you will not have any difficulty in traveling by train.


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