bKash Cash Out Charge 2024 (Update)

The most popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh has recently brought a big change in their cash out charges. At present, the only and most used mobile banking service in our country has published special instructions for its customers. According to this directive, we see that the new budget has been presented in the month of June at the beginning of the new year of bKash due to which huge sum of money has been levied for bKash in this financial year.

Due to which bKash authorities have recently increased their cash out charges a little. As a Bkash user, you are constantly transacting millions of rupees from one end of the country to the other. Just like public and private banks deduct VAT from your account in the case of money transactions, in the case of bKash money transactions, money is deducted from your account.

In short, bKash authorities have set a certain amount of cash out charges for their customers to withdraw money. There are many people who are not aware about the current cash out charges of bKash, with the purpose of informing them through today’s article we are going to tell all the information about all the cash out charges that bKash has. So those of you who think this information is important must read our entire article and know about cash out charges in bKash.

bKash New Cash Out Charge

A question in the minds of bKash users now is that how much their cash out charges are currently being deducted. Because recently the development authority through One Ampere informed their customers that the cash out charge in bKash has been increased now. Since bKash started their mobile banking journey, there was a cash out charge of only 8 rupees, but now, due to the increase in commodity prices and government gross tax, their cash out charges have been increased.

bKash Pin Reset System


As a Bkash user, you might be cashing out Bkash money regularly from any Bkash agent. A certain amount of money is deducted from your main balance per thousand to cash out in bKash. There are two ways to cash out the development and if you follow the two methods, two types of money will be deducted from your account.

bKash Cash Out Charge through App

If you are a smartphone user then you must install the official application of the development on your mobile. Because there are many advantages of using this app, among them, if you use the application in terms of Bkash cash out charge, then your cash out charge will be relatively less.

According to the information provided by BKash, if a bank uses BKash’s official app to cash out the user, the cash out charge is 1,000 taka and 18.5 taka. This means a 1.85% charge will be applied.

bKash Cash Out Charge without App

Most people in Bangladesh currently use Baton mobile due to which there are many bkash users who cannot use bkash application. In this situation if you need to cash out then there is no reason to worry because you can now cash out from any mobile through USSD dial port.

But the special instruction for you is that if you have cashed out without the application, then a little more money will be deducted from your balance. bKash cash out charge without app is same as with the app method now, and it’s 1.85%. So, it will also charge 18.5 taka per 1000 taka cash out without app.

bKash Cash Out Charge from Brac Bank ATM

The good news for those of you who want to cash out money in bKash from BRAC Bank ATM booth is that they have to pay less money as cash out charges. Camera You are withdrawing money directly from the ATM booth, in this case the authorities do not need to pay you any VAT separately.

The cash-out charge is 1.49% which means the bKash cash out charge from ATM is 14.9 taka per 1000. But, You have to cash out at least 3000 Taka if you want to withdraw from ATM.

bKash 500 Cash Out Charge
There are many of us who do small transactions through development. However, according to Bkashkar’s sources, if a person wants to cash out 500 taka, he will be deducted a minimum of 9.25 taka from your main balance. However, our special instructions for you is to transact more money in the case of their cash out.
bKash 1000 Cash Out Charge 
If you want to cash out 1000 rupees from your bKash account then you will have to pay 14 rupees if you cash out through mobile app and if you want to withdraw money without mobile app you will have to pay more than 18 rupees including VAT. You can directly contact any agent in Bkash to cash out.
Being the most popular mobile banking service in the country, bKash always tries to keep the cash out charges friendly by thinking of their customers. As a Bkash user it is important to know the correct information about your cash out charges. Development authorities may increase or decrease their cash out charges at any time. In this situation you can definitely visit the official website of Bkash regularly.

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