Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price & Schedule Bus, Train & Air Schedule

Coxs Bazar is one of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. People from home and aboard come to see the natural beauty of this place. Specially, the Chittagong people like to visit this wonderful place. Thousands of people are coming daily from Chittagong and their destination is Chittagong.

If you want to make a tour with your friends or family, you should go to Cox’s Bazar. Visiting the place there are some ways to come here. You can visit this place through Bus, Train and Air journey. The people of Chittagong want to know about the Ticket Price and Schedule. In addition, we have prepared the article to discuss about Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price & Schedule Bus, Train & Air Schedule.

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Ticket Price

Journey is always pleasure to us. As a result, we like to visit a place. If you keep your mind fresh, you must make a tour plan of Coxs Bazar. It is time to know the Ticket Price. By knowing the ticket price, you can make the tour plan properly. We have shared all communication ticket price Bus, Train and also Air.

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Bus Ticket Price 2021

You can go to Coxs Bazar by Bus. The journey will more beautiful when you make a journey by bus. There are some buses whose started the journey from Chittagong and stopped on Cox’s Bazar. People are very excited to know the ticket price of this journey by bus. Please keep your eyes here and get your proper information.

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Bus List

Before sharing the Ticket Price, we want to share the bus list. A visitor can select any bus for the journey. There are 2 types of buses whose reached on Coxs Bazar. The first one is AC and the other one is Non- AC. You can select as per your choice.

Non- AC Bus List

We have presented here all Non AC Bus list whose reach you on Coxs Bazar. Please keep your eyes here and select your Bus.

  • S.Alom Travels
  • Star Line
  • Relax Transport
  • Soudia Coach Service
  • Saint Martin Paribahan
  • Marasa Transport
  • Purobi Paribahan

AC Bus List

In this paragraph, we are going to share a list of AC Bus. So, you should select your bus for your journey.

  • Desh Travels
  • Green Line Paribahan
  • Star Line
  • Relax Transport
  • Soudia Coach Service
  • Saint Martin Paribahan
  • Marasa Transport
  • Purobi Paribahan
  • Silk Line
  • Shadin Travels

Non-AC Bus Ticket Price

It is high time to know the Non- AC Bus Ticket Price. Generally, the price rate is cheap for Chittagong to Coxs Bazar tour. For your kind information, we have presented the full ticket price list below the article.

  • S.Alom Travels – 250 Taka
  • Star Line – 250 Taka
  • Relax Transport – 250 Taka
  • Soudia Coach Service – 250 Taka
  • Saint Martin Paribahan – 500 Taka
  • Marasa Transport – 250 Taka
  • Purobi Paribahan – 250 Taka

AC Bus Ticket Price

The AC Bus Ticket price is very high. Because you will get a better service on this bus. Lets show you the full ticket price list.

  • Desh Travels – 800 Taka
  • Green Line Paribahan – 600 Taka
  • Star Line- 350 Taka
  • Relax Transport- 750 Taka
  • Soudia Coach Service – 400 Taka

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Train Ticket Price 2021

There are many people who like to make a journey by train. As a result, they are searching on internet as Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Train Ticket Price .  Hence, we are ready to share the price. A visitor can buy his/her train ticket through online an offline.

Train Journey is very safe and also very cheap. If you are interest to buy Online ticket, then you should visit Esheba Official website and buy the ticket. On the other hand, the offline method also available now. Go to your nearest Railway station and buy a ticket.

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Train service is under constructions. So, the new route will be started very soon. It is a matter of sorrow that there is no train service Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Bus. So, we are really unable to share the ticket price.

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price 2021

Are you want to save your time?Then , you should use Airline to go to Cox’s Bazar. However, ticket price rate is very costly. We have shared the full air schedule with Ticket Price.


Novoair Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar

Novair is one of the well known air service in our country. The best air service providers in our country. However, the ticket price of this air service is very high. We like to share the time schedule with Novoair full Coxs Bazar package.

Novoair cox’s bazar package 2021

There are some packages for the visitors who like to make journey with Novoair service. Lets present the full package details into this article.

Package Details

  • The passengers will get airfare and hotel accommodation.
  • 2 Nights and 3 days sharing basis accommodation.
  • Airport to Hotel Transfer service.
  • Free Breakfast for 2 persons

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 2 Persons are able to get this package.
  • The package can not be added with other package.
  • The price is no applied during blackout period.
  • The Packages is not for refundable.

Chittagong to Coxs Bazar by Ship Ticket Price and Schedule

A journey by Ship is very pleasure to us. If you think that you want to visit Coxs Bazar, then Ship is the best choice for you. Chittagong to Saint Martin Islan Ship service is available now. Lets present the ticket price and schedule below the article.

Last Words

We hope that you can enjoy the journey. We have shared full information with detail information. The authority can changed the schedule and ticket price anytime. Thank you very much for staying with us. We tried our best to share the best information with you.

The Bus Journey is very harmful for the visitors. On the other hand, you can visit by Air and Train. We highly recommend you to make the journey by air.

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