Comilla to Noakhali Train Schedule & Ticket Price

We often travel from one end of the country to another for various purposes. Many people go for a walk. But for all these journeys we need some kind of vehicle. We travel through these vehicles such as buses, micro trains.

So those of you who are thinking of traveling from Comilla to Noakhali by train have come to the right place because in this article we are going to reveal Comilla to Noakhali train schedule and ticket fare which is very important for you to know.

So if you don’t know these. Then you can find out by looking at the information given by us. What do you need to do to travel by train from Comilla to Noakhali? Traveling by train allows you to reach your destination very quickly as there are no jams on the train journey. Moreover, trains are now run by very good engines. So there is no delay in reaching the destination.

Two types of trains run from Comilla to Noakhali Intercity and Mail Express. Which has various benefits. So for those of you who don’t know about the schedule and fare of these trains. Find out by reading our full article.

Comilla to Noakhali Train Schedule:


Among all the trains in Bangladesh, Annanagar train has more facilities. The facilities that you will get in the intercity train are not available in any other train. When people get tired due to traveling by train, it has arranged sleeping in intercity trains to relieve fatigue.


And you will get food in intercity trains. Moreover, there is a system for you that you can pray during the prayer. So know about intercity train and its schedule.

Train Name: Coastal Express (712)
Departs from Comilla : 19:01
Reach Noakhali at 21:20
Holiday: Tuesday

Only this one intercity train plies on Comilla to Noakhali route. So if you want to travel in Intercity Twentieth then you need to reach the station according to this time.

Comilla to Noakhali Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

Comilla to Noakhali Ruti Mail Express trains travel which you can use these trains for your convenience.

Train Name Noakhali Express (12)
Departs from Comilla at :03:06
Reach Noakhali at :05:50
Holidays: None

Train Name Noakhali Computer (68)
Departs from Comilla at :07:30
Reach Noakhali at 10:10
Holiday: Friday

Train Name Noakhali Commuter (88)
Departs from Comilla at :13:05
Reach Noakhali at 16:40
Holiday: Friday

These intercity trains run on Noakhali route according to this time. Due to which the train passengers do not have to face any trouble with travel. They can travel these trains freely only if the trains arrive at the station on time. If you are thinking of going on these mail express trains. Then you have to know these times well so that you don’t make any kind of mistake.

Comilla to Noakhali Train Ticket/Fare List

You may all know that train fares are very low compared to all other modes of transportation in Bangladesh. Because the train is a state vehicle and by operating this vehicle in the state, the fare is charged to a large extent for the convenience of the citizens of the country. You don’t have to pay much fare to go from Comilla to Noakhali. You can reach Noakhali with a minimum to maximum fare of Rs 75-299.


To board the train you first need to collect the ticket from the station ticket counter as without the ticket you can never enter the train. So before going anywhere by train, collect the ticket from the ticket counter of the station. Hope you have understood all the information related to tension. So I don’t think there will be any difficulty in train journey.


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