Dhaka to Sylhet Greenline Bus Ticket Price & Schedule

Are you looking for Dhaka to Sylhet Green Line bus schedule and ticket price? But I would say you have come to the right place. Because we are going to publish in this artifact all the green line buses running from Dhaka to Sylhet about schedule and ticket fare which may be very important for you.

Many green line buses ply from Dhaka to Sylhet. Through which many passengers travel. Currently, Green Line buses are much better than other buses. Because of which every person has a different liking for the Green Line bus.

The amount of facilities that can be enjoyed in Green Line buses. It is never possible to enjoy such facilities from other buses. If you want, you can easily reach Sylhet by taking the green line bus service from Dhaka to Sylhet.

It can be observed many times in terms of demographics that are very well known fact of Bangladesh but the buses are almost very tired during the journey like if you have gone from Dhaka to Sylhet on other jobs then it is very late to arrive but if you are traveling on green line then you are certain Reach your destination on time.

Because compared to other buses, Green Line buses are very fast and much improved in terms of fitness due to which there is no additional difficulty during movement and Green Line bus journeys can reach the destination much faster.

So I think you can reach Sylhet very easily by using this green line bus service or journey by green line bus. However, many of you may not know about the schedule and fare of Green Line buses that travel from Dhaka to Sylhet, which is very important for you to know.

So if you want to know about the schedule and fare of these buses. But read our complete article carefully to know. What time green line buses depart from Dhaka to Sylhet and how much to pay for this ticket.

Green Line Bus Schedule:

Green Line Bus Not only one but two to three Green Line buses leave Dhaka for Sylhet every day. But there is a specific time when these buses leave or the buses run. At which time these jobs run daily.

So those of you who want to travel on Green Line buses. They must know about the schedule of these works. Because if you don’t know the schedule of these Green Line buses. But you can’t know when these buses leave for Sylhet. So it is very important for you to know the schedule of Green Line buses.

Green Line Bus Ticket Price

The amount of fare required in other buses. He has to pay the same amount of fare in Green Line buses. But you can enjoy a little more benefits in these Green Line buses. Which you will never get in other jobs. Generally these Green Line buses have AC and Non AC facilities. You can travel by any bus.

If you are thinking of traveling in AC buses then you will have to pay some higher fare. And if you think you don’t need AC. But in that case you have to pay a little less rent. But you can enjoy all other facilities except AC in any Green Line bus.

You can travel to Sylhet in green line AC buses from 1200 to 1500 taka. And you can reach Sylhet from 900 taka to 1000 taka in non-municipals.

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