CRP Test Price in Bangladesh

This test can be a common test for those who have been suffering from severe body aches for a long time. For your convenience let us know CRP = C – reactive protein test. There is a lot of speculation in the minds of those who have done this test before or whose prescription doctor has prescribed this test.

Today we will try to give you detailed information about this test and tell you how you can do this test and what kind of preparation you need to take for this test. The pros and cons of this test and what to do if the test report is good or bad. You can also read this article to know more about this test.

CRP Test Meaning

There is always pain in your chest and you are worried about it. To get rid of anxiety you have to go to a good specialist hard doctor. He asked you to do a CRP test. Now the question may arise in your mind why do you do CRP test?

First, the CRP test will tell you if you have had a hard attack. Simply put, the CRP test can tell you how much your body is at risk for a heart attack. Then of course this test can be very important to you.

Symptoms before CRP test

If you ever have a very strong storm and have difficulty breathing, you have severe chest pain and if your heart rate increases a lot. Then the doctors may give you this test.

Before giving this test, the doctor will tell you to be a little relaxed and will tell you to complete this test by relaxing.

There is a lot of unknown information about CRP test

First of all let me tell you if you have had a heart attack with this test and you can find out the number of heart attacks.

If you have a heart problem, doctors can give you this test first if you have any problems.

HS will be done from whole blood so you only need to give a small amount of blood to your body to test.

You can get the report of this test in one hour if you want.

While this test may not show your heart attack directly, it can give an approximate idea of ​​a heart attack and give you a preliminary idea of ​​what your heart problem is.

CRP Test Price in Bangladesh

You can do CRP test in different places of Bangladesh if you want. You can take these tests from public-private places. However, there are well-known institutions in Bangladesh, including Ibn Sina, Islami Bank Hospital, Popular, Labaid Hospital, etc. You can be sure of getting the right results by doing such tests.

There are several types of CRP tests and they are priced based on these types. We are giving you pricing according to each type.

  • CRP – 400 TK
  • CRP (Qt) – 450 TK
  • CRP (Quantitative) -500 TK

Price of Popular Diagnostic Center CRP Test

If you want to get it done from Popular Diagnostic Center then it can cost around 400 to 500 Taka.

Price of Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center CRP Test

Those who want to take this test from Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center can spend 400 to 500 Taka for this test.

Price of Islami Bank Hospital CRP Test

You can spend Rs 450 to Rs 500 for this test from a reputed institution like Islami Bank Hospital.

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