Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Ticket Price and Schedule

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, can be used to travel by bus from the capital city to different parts of the country. Good news for those of you who want to travel to our neighboring country Kolkata city of India with a medical visa or visit visa, now you can travel from Dhaka to Kolkata by road as well as by air.

Bangladesh Road Transport Minister and India’s Road Transport Minister have launched a bus service from Dhaka to Kolkata. Due to this, the road transportation has been improved due to which it is a golden opportunity for those who are interested in traveling to India for their business or necessity. Every day there are new powerful engine driven buses plying from Dhaka to Kolkata in which thousands of people enter Kolkata every day.

For those of you who are interested to know about the bus schedule and ticket prices from Dhaka to Kolkata on the internet, all the lists have been published through this article today. Here we have presented all the information about bus service from Dhaka to Kolkata with contact number ticket price to establish contact with them. You can travel with the help of any bus service and get your work done in Kolkata.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Schedule

Now we try to travel to Kolkata by road as the bus journey is much safer now. By doing this, you can travel in a short time besides costing less. Several buses are leaving from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, to Kolkata. Every bus service is providing their maximum service to the passengers so that the passengers can reach their destination in a comfortable environment.


Before traveling to any place, you must know about all the bus services available to go to that place. Moreover, it is important to know about these bus services when their buses start their journey from Dhaka counter to Kolkata. For this purpose, we have published here the schedule of Dhaka to Kolkata bus for you. The information provided by us here is completely accurate so you can feel free to follow the schedule from here and reach your destination.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Ticket Price

Those who have decided to go from Dhaka to Kolkata now have good facilities to travel by bus. In the above part, we have mentioned for you the times when the bus departs from Dhaka to Kolkata. Now many people want to know about the ticket price before traveling.

As a conscious passenger, you must know about the bus fare to Kolkata. Three buses leave for Kolkata from Dhaka every day, some of them are AC-powered and non-AC-powered. AC bus fares are charged a bit higher but non-ac bus fares are relatively low. Below we have published the list of bus fares for Dhaka to Kolkata.

Our special instruction for the passengers is that the services can increase or decrease their fare at any time, in this case you can know about the bus fare by contacting their counter directly or on the hotline number. However, the information that we have shared here is completely accurate and has been published by collecting the information from the bus services.


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