Dhaka to Mawa Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Special steps are being taken by Bangladesh Bridge and Road Planning Ministry with the objective of good road connection with the capital Dhaka and every district of the country. You already know that the inauguration of our dream bridge Padma Bridge has been completed. The traffic on the Padma Bridge started from June 26. However, in this case only the road has been opened from Dhaka to the southern districts of the country.

I would like to inform you that Padma Bridge is not only helping to build good connectivity with the road, but also it has been informed that the railway will be auspiciously inaugurated. Train travel from Dhaka to Mawa will start in December. By doing this, the relationship with the capital Dhaka on one of the most popular Mawa roads in the country will be strengthened.

Already the government and private trains of Bangladesh have decided their schedule and ticket price. Only you will be able to travel easily by train from the month of December when the train will start running on this route. Many of you want to know the schedule and ticket prices of all the train services currently available on the internet from Dhaka to Mawa. To inform you, we have shared some information here, following which you will get a detailed idea about the train schedule from Dhaka to Mawa.

Dhaka to Mawa Train Schedule

Mawa is the most developed city in the southern part of Bangladesh. Due to which thousands of people are traveling there from the capital Dhaka for their work. Many of you are interested in traveling by train from Dhaka to Mawa because the train journey is very easy and comfortable for you.

Several train services have been launched from Dhaka to Mawa through which you can now reach your destination easily and quickly. But before travelling, as a cautionary passenger, you must know about the train schedule. After knowing about the train schedule, you can reach the station from your home by knowing what time the train will leave from Dhaka to Mawa.

Dhaka to Mawa Train Ticket Price

For those of you who have decided to travel by train from Dhaka to Mawa, our special advice is that the cost of travel on this route has been kept very low due to which any type of person can travel by train. Trains will travel regularly on this route with the approval of Bangladesh Railways. You as a passenger can purchase train tickets online according to your class.

By visiting the official website of Bangladesh Railway, you can now book tickets online. For those of you who are looking for train tickets from Dhaka to Mawa, we have published the list here to let you know the amount per passenger that is fixed for you.

Based on the above discussion, you might have got a detailed idea about Dhaka to Mawa train schedule and ticket price. Apart from all these information and if you want to know any information then you can give your valuable comments in the comment box below. We will verify your comment and try to solve it later.


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