Laksam to Chandpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Trains have been running on every route in Bangladesh for many years. Trains are a tradition for Bangladesh. It is the responsibility of every citizen to maintain that. According to the government, the trains of the entire Bangladesh are being operated. As usual, more trains are still running. Government operated trains are improving and increasing in beauty day by day.

Currently all the trains that are running in Bangladesh. They are known as very advanced and standard trains. Through which the people of this country are traveling easily. Like every bread, currently Laksam to Chandpur route also see many trains plying.

Inter-city and mail express trains ply on this route due to which the train passengers of this route do not have to face any difficulty with trains. Bangladeshi is known for its good quality trains in intercity and mail express trains. By traveling in the intercity trains that ply in Bangladesh, you can enjoy many benefits that you will never get in other trains.

You can enjoy all the benefits of intercity train journey. They are the ones you can sleep on during the journey. There is a place for you to sleep. Also your train has food and prayer space. Where you can pray.

But the mail express trains that run. Through these you can reach Chandpur in a very short time. Because currently all the trains are running in Bangladesh. All these trains are operated by very advanced engines. Due to which train movement is done very fast.

Many of you might be thinking about Laksam to Chandpur train. But many people don’t know. About train schedule and ticket fare on this route. Brother, you should know immediately without delay. About train schedule and ticket fare on this route.

Laksam to Chandpur Train Schedule:




Only one intercity train operates from Laksam to Chandpur. Through which many people can travel. Know this train name and its timing.

Train Name Meghna Express (729)
Departs from Laksam at 19:40 hrs
Reach Chandpur at :21:25
Holidays: None

Only this intercity train runs this routine through which you can reach Chandpur. This train runs every day of the week.

Laksam to Chandpur Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

The name of the train is Sagarika Express
Departs from Laksham at 10:55
Reach Chandpur at 13:00
Holidays: None

Train Name Chandpur Commuter (82)
Departs from Laksam at :07:00
Reach Chandpur at :09:00
Holiday: Friday

Train Name Chandpur Commuter (85)
Departs from Laksam at :13:30
Reach Chandpur at 15:50
Holiday: Friday

Email Express trains are constantly plying on Laksam to Chandpur route due to which people do not face any difficulty in traveling on this route. Only if you can appear at the station as per the specified time. But you can also take the service of these trains. But you have to know these times well.

Laksam to Chandpur Train Ticket/Fare List:

Currently you can travel in Bangladesh at lowest fare. Train fares are very low compared to other means of transportation only. The trains that run from Laksam to Chandpur are almost of the same level. However, the fare varies according to the compartment or according to the section. Generally, a train has all the sections like Sobhan, Sobhan Chair, First Seat, Snigdha, AC, AC Berth. Their fares are almost different.


Out of this, you can take a seat from the decorative section for a minimum fare of 55 taka. And if you want to enjoy the benefits of the highest seat category then you have to pay Tk 207 fare. In return you will get seat from AC berth category.


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