Dhumketu Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Tracking, Code

Maybe there are many of you who are constantly going to Rajshahi from Dhaka or going to Dhaka from Rajshahi. However, a very good means of traveling on this route is the train.

An intercity train plies regularly on the Dhaka to Rajshahi route. whose name you may have noticed above. Dhumketu Express train is one of the best trains in Bangladesh. Because it is an inter-city train and among all the trains in Bangladesh, inter-city trains offer much better facilities. Which facilities are not available from other trains.

All the facilities provided in this intercity train is a must for every train passenger. Because of all the benefits of train travel, it becomes very easy to travel long distances. So those of you who are constantly commuting from Dhaka to Rajshahi or Rajshahi to Dhaka can feel free to travel in this train.

But many may not know about the schedule and ticket price of this train. Due to which many people are searching for the unknown information about this train.

So if you want to know about this Dhumketu train schedule and ticket price. But you have come to the right place. Because we have published in this article about Comet train schedule and ticket fare list. So without further delay get to know detailed information about Dhumketu train schedule and ticket price immediately.

Dhumketu Express Train Schedule:

All the trains that you Bangladeshi have noticed have a specific timing for their movement. Except during which time the train does not run. So this Dhumketu Express train is running from Rajshahi to Dhaka or from Dhaka to Rajshahi. It also has a specific timing which every train passenger should know seriously.

Because if you do not know the departure time of the train, then you will never know when this Dhumketu Express train will leave for Rajshahi. So you must be careful about timing. And if you don’t know this Dhumketu Express train schedule. But find out according to the information given below. What time is the Dhumketu Express train running?


Dhaka to Rajshahi
Departure time :06:00
Arrival time : 11:40
Holiday: Saturday

Rajshahi to Dhaka
Departure time: 23:20
Arrival time :04:45
Holiday: Friday

You noticed the time here. Dhumketu Express train runs on Rajshahi to Dhaka route according to this fixed time.

Dhumketu Express Train Fare:

You may all know that train fares are very low compared to other vehicles in Bangladesh. Because the train is a state vehicle of Bangladesh which is operated according to the government. The train authority has set a very low fare due to which every citizen of Bangladesh can travel by train with very little money.

So if you want to travel on this Dhumketu Express train from Dhaka to Rajshahi route. In that case, you will also have to pay a very low rent. So know how much fare has been fixed from which cabin in the Dhumketu Express train.


Decorative chair: 340 taka rent
First seat: 570 taka fare
AC seat: 680 taka rent
AC Berth: Rent Rs.1020

Dhumketu Express Train Tracking:

Trucking is a very advanced medium nowadays. If you want to know the current location of the Dhumketu Express train from the comfort of your home via a mobile phone. But you can know this information only by tracking.

To do the tracking first you have to enter the message option through your mobile phone. After that, you have to write TR and enter the train name or train code with a space. And if you get this number 16318, you can know where the Dhumketu Express train is currently located.

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