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How to Earn Money with Facebook Reels Play Bonuses As a Creator

The popular social media is Facebook where we spend leisure time. In order to spend our leisure time, we look at the Facebook status of different types of video individuals. This wastes your valuable time and also your internet connection bill.

The world’s most popular social networking site has recently launched a special feature for its users to keep up the competition with Google. Although you have learned about the feature of making a lot of money from Facebook since 2020, there are many countries that have not yet launched this feature.

However, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently told a news conference that all users of Facebook can now earn money, which will increase their addiction to using Facebook. Today we are going to show you detailed information about how to make money on Facebook and what is Facebook Reels video.

What is Facebook Reels?

Before making money from Facebook, you need to know information about Facebook Reals. We all know that it is possible to earn money from YouTube, the most popular video sharing platform in the world, through Google Adsense. In addition, the popular video sharing platform TickTock has recently made arrangements to earn money for their users.

Earn Money from YouTube Shorts

Facebook Reels is a new feature that allows you to create 30 second short videos like Tick Talk. This allows a video creator to create his own voice face matched video there according to his own content or the content of others. This is usually called Facebook Reels by sharing these new videos or creating short videos.

How to Make Money from Facebook Reels?

It is very important for you to know the information about Facebook Reels video and how to make money using it. There are two ways you can earn money by sharing videos on Facebook. One of these is the Facebook page that we usually do and the other is the Facebook Professional Mode. In the discussion we will give some detailed ideas on two topics that you can follow.

Earn Money by Watching Ads

Make Money by Facebook Reels Video from Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page that has a lot of likes or followers, you can earn money by creating your regular video content. Facebook authorities pay their users up to a maximum of হাজার 35,000 per month to earn money from Facebook pages. So make your Facebook page suitable for monetization today and earn money by making videos.

Make Money by Facebook Reels Video from Facebook Profile

In addition to the Facebook page is currently being given the opportunity to earn money from the profile. Although this feature is currently being rolled out in the US, it will soon be available to users around the world. If you want, you can turn on Facebook Professional Mode and make money by making Facebook videos from there.

Earn Money from WhatsApp

Facebook Reels Ads 

To earn money from a Facebook profile or page, you need to create 30 seconds of regular videos. After creating this video on your Facebook profile or when the monetization is done following the instructions given by the Facebook authorities, you will see different types of ads from there.

Usually two types of ads appear on Facebook videos. If any viewer clicks this type of video, you can earn a lot of money from there. However, Facebook monetization will then show different types of ads and depending on this display your money income depends.

Facebook Reels Bonus 

If a viewer likes a video uploaded to Facebook a lot, that person will be able to give a bonus on top of your video. This means that if your content is of good quality then you will be credited to your account without any ads based on the viewers. From this situation you can understand how easy it is to make money by making videos on Facebook.

We have presented to you all the information about the ways to earn money from Facebook. If you have any information other than that, you can let us know. We have solved any other problems related to Facebook. We hope that if you follow the information given to us properly, you will be successful in a short time and you will be able to earn money by creating Facebook videos.


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