Jayantika Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Tracking & Seat Plan

A lot of people can be seen traveling from Dhaka to Sylhet. Many people go to Sylhet for various reasons. He even went to Dhaka from Sylhet. But for whatever reason or wherever. Trains are very important as a proper medium for their transportation. Because when you are traveling long distances every passenger needs a comfortable journey so only one train can provide a comfortable journey that everyone needs.

As a result of long distance journey, many types of fatigue are seen in the human body, which is a product for every person, so there is no comparison of train journey to get rid of all these risks. So for those of you who are thinking of traveling from Dhaka to Sylhet, trains are very important. You can go from Dhaka to Sylhet or from Sylhet to Dhaka with a very low fare by this train journey. The Jayantika Express train runs on Dhaka to Sylhet route.

For those of you who don’t know about her schedule and fare list. They can read this complete article of ours carefully. About Jayantika Express train schedule and ticket fare list. So without wasting any more time, find out immediately. Jayantika Express Train Schedule and Fare List.



(Dhaka to Sylhet)
Departure time: 12:15
Arrival time: 19:00
Holidays: No

(Sylhet to Dhaka)
Departure time: 11:15
Arrival Time : 18:25
Holiday: Thursday

Above you know about Jayantika Express train schedule and holidays. We have clearly disclosed above the departure time of Jayantika Express train from Dhaka to Sylhet. And we have informed you in detail when this Jayantika Express train is on holiday. So I think you don’t have to get confused about time.

Jayantika Express Train Ticket Price

We all know that there are many different cabin arrangements in a train. Or there are many cabins with different names and different services. Due to which the fare is fixed separately for the cabin from which the passenger wants to travel by taking the seat.

You can also enjoy various facilities in this Jayantika Express train. Because there are different types of cabins. Which are kept with different facilities. So enjoy whatever cabin you want. Based on that cabin you have to purchase the ticket from the station ticket counter. But you can do train journey.


So know in more detail. How much rent from which category?

The cabins available in this Jayantika Express train are ,, Shovan, , First Seat, AC City.

Shobhan: If you want to go from Dhaka to Sylhet from Shobhan division. Then you have to pay rent 295 taka.

First Seat: This is the first seat from the cabin if you want to take a seat. In that case you have to pay the rent of 395 taka.

AC City: Jayantika Express train ticket price from AC seat section is 679 rupees.

By now you might have understood about Jayantika Express train fare. So you can purchase the ticket from the cabin of your choice and take the train journey.

But every love traveler should keep one thing in mind. After going to the ticket counter, do not purchase any other tickets from the ticket counter.

Because there are many unscrupulous people who steal a lot of money by selling fake tickets to people. Due to which the train passengers have to face many difficulties. So definitely buy the ticket from the ticket counter of the station.

By now you might have come to know the schedule and ticket list in detail. So I think you will not have to face any difficulty in train travel.

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