Khulna to Poradha Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Many of you may have decided to go by Poradah train from Khulna. But I will say you have made a right decision. Because only train can give you a quality journey than all the transports in Bangladesh.

Because currently trains are being operated in a very modern and new way. Due to which the people of this country can enjoy a lot of benefits by traveling by train on every route. You will notice more or less trains running on every route in Bangladesh. The trains through which the common people of this country can make a risk-free and cost-effective journey.

Therefore, some intercity and mail express trains also run on Khulna to Poradah route. Which are known as very high quality trains. Currently, you can enjoy more benefits in intercity trains than all the trains in Bangladesh. You will not get these facilities in almost any other train.

Traveling in intercity trains will make you enjoy a much smoother journey. You have sleeping facilities during the journey. You can sleep on intercity trains if you want. There are also arrangements for food and prayers that will make the journey smooth.

Also the mail express trains ply on this route. These mail express trains are operated by high speed engines. Due to which the train passengers can reach their destination on time. So don’t delay and find out now. About Khulna to Poradah route train schedule and ticket fare list.

Khulna to Poradah Train Schedule:


Train Name Kapotaksh Express (715)
Departs from Khulna at 06:15
Burnt arrives at :09:37
Holiday: Tuesday


Train Name Sundarban Express (725)
Departs from Khulna at 22:15
The body arrives at :01:32
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name Rupsa Express (727)
Departs from Khulna at :07:10
Cremation arrives at :10:22
Holiday: Thursday

Name of the Train: Border Express (747)
Departs from Khulna at :21:15
Burn time reaches :00:31
Holiday: Monday

Here are the intercity trains and their schedules that you have noticed. According to this specific time, these trains run on Poradah route from Khulna. So if you want to go on these trains too. In that case, you should know that these times will be good. And arrive at the station according to this time.

Khulna to Poradah Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

Train Name Mahananda Express (15)
Departs from Khulna at 11:00
Burnt reaches :16:24 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Rocket Express (24)
Departs from Khulna at 09:30
Burnt reaches :15:10 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Nakshi Kantha Express (25)
Departs from Khulna at 02:00
Poradah reaches at :07:10
Holidays: None

Khulna to Poradah Train Ticket Fare List:

You don’t have to pay much fare to travel by train from Khulna to Poradah. Because the train charges less money. You may all know that there are many different cabin categories in a train. In which you can rent different accommodation. So these trains are known as the lowest section of the Sobhan section. So if you want to make a train journey from this beautiful section. Then you have to pay 155 tk as rent.


And if you want to enjoy maximum benefits of these trains. Then you have to choose AC berth category. And in return you have to pay 555 tk as rent. Also these cables have many other categories. which you can vary. But no matter which category you choose to journey from. According to that section you have to purchase tickets from the station ticket counter. Because without a ticket you cannot take a train journey.


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