MV Parabat Launch Today Schedule & Contact Number & Ticket Price

MV Parabat Company has several launches by which they have been providing passenger services to different parts of the country. Today all our readers will be informed about the details of this company. Welcome to our today’s article.

We have been uploading various articles about the launch information on our website for a long time. We notice that there are many different questions about these articles. So we are trying to create articles in more detail.

MV Parabat Launch Services

Each launch of this company has three locks with a total capacity of 890 passengers. In addition, there are 100 lifeguards to protect passengers.

They also have an open mobile number for their launch so that by calling the mobile numbers you can talk to different needs at different times. Let’s know a lot more details about this launch company.

MV Parabat Launch Mobile Number

Now we will tell you the mobile numbers of different launches of this launch company. You may need these numbers for different needs at different times. You can use these mobile numbers to buy tickets in advance and to avoid various mistakes.

MV Kalam Khan Schedule & Ticket Price

The main hotline number of MV Parabat is – 01711 330642. You can also use this number for advance ticket booking – 01711 344745.

MV Parabat 2

The mobile number given for this launch requirement is – 01717 344747.

MV Parabat 7

The mobile number given to the passengers for different needs of this launch is – 01711 344745.

MV Parabat 9

Those who are looking for the mobile number of this launch for different needs can collect the mobile number from here – 01711 344746.

MV Tipu Launch Schedule & Ticket Price

MV Parabat 10

The mobile number of this launch is what you are doing then why worry and why we immediately pick up the mobile number from here and complete your need – 01711 34474 5.

MV Parabat 11

For those who have been searching for the mobile number of this launch of this company for a long time, collect the number from here – 01711 344745.

MV Parabat 12

Those of you who are looking for the mobile number of this launch for any reason will get the mobile number from here – 01711 276597.

MV Parabat Ticket Price

This part is for those of you who have been traveling for launches for a long time and do not know the fares of these launch trains or those who are new to launch fares. If you want, you can find out the different types of fares from here and you can use this information on the journey.

  • Deck or floor rent has been fixed at only 200 taka.
  • The fare has been fixed at Rs 900 for those traveling in single cabin.
  • The launch fare is Rs 1600 which all the passengers will prefer to travel in double cabin.
  • For those who will travel with the family on the Parabat launch, there will be a family Eben jar costing 3000 taka.
  • There are VIP cabins in which you can travel and the fare is fixed according to different parts of this cabin from 3000 to 7000 taka.
  • The rent of deluxe cabin has been fixed at 1200 taka.

When traveling with a launch you must consider safety and the launch authorities are currently very careful about this. No matter which launch you travel on, you must keep these things in mind.

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