Laksam to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Trains are very popular and best of quality vehicles in Bangladesh. Trains in Bangladesh have been in use for a long time. So far trains are running on every route in Bangladesh. However, trains are operated more advanced and seriously than before.

Because train is a state vehicle of Bangladesh which is operated by the government. Trains are improving day by day. Amidst such improvements, train passengers are able to enjoy various benefits. You all probably know about trains. And everyone traveled by train. So maybe everyone knows how profitable or how comfortable train journey is.

So today we are going to reveal the important information in this article. That is about Laksam to Chittagong train schedule and ticket fare. Which many of you may not know. But those people who don’t know about Laksam to Chittagong train schedule and fare. Find out by reading our full article. About Laksam to Chittagong Schedule and Fares. So that you don’t have to get confused in this route.

So all those people who want to travel by Laksam to Chittagong train. They know about the train schedule and ticket fare of this route.

Laksam to Chittagong Train Schedule:

You will find many trains from Laksam to Chittagong. The trains that ply this route regularly. And some very famous trains of Bangladesh are plying on this route. Because of that people do not face any difficulty in train journey. A train journey allows you to reach your destination without wasting any time. All these train journeys will help you reach your work on time.


Find out according to the list given below. Which trains run and their schedule.

Train Name Mahanagar Prabhati Express (704) departs from Laksham at 11:33
Chittagong reach :13:50 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Paharika Express (720)
Departs from Laksam at 17:00 hrs
Reach Chittagong at 19:35
Holiday: Saturday

Train Name Mahanagar Express (722)
Departs from Laksham at :01:47
Reach Chittagong at 04:50
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Udayan Express (730)
Time :03:35 from Laksham
Reach Chittagong at 06:00
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Meghna Express (730)
Departs from Laksam at :06:20
Reach Chittagong at 09:00
Holidays: None

Train Name: Turna Express (742)
Departs from Laksam at :30:41
Reach Chittagong at 06:20
Holidays: None

Train Name Vijay Express (786)
Departs from Lacson at :03:05
Reach Chittagong at 05:30
Holiday: Tuesday

Here are the times you noticed. These trains are plying on Laksam to Chittagong route at this scheduled time. Due to which the passengers can reach the destination according to the specified time. So if you want to board these trains then you have to reach the station according to this time. But you can catch these trains.

Laksam to Chittagong Train Ticket Price

You all know that you can travel by train for a very low fare compared to all other vehicles in Bangladesh. Every train in Bangladesh charges a low fare. Because train is a state vehicle. And in terms of the transportation facilities of the people of this country, the Bangladesh Railway office charges less.


So you can go from Laksam to Chittagong for a minimum fare of 125 to a maximum of 512 taka. For Tk 125 you get a seat in the Shobhan category which is the lowest seating arrangement in a train. And for the rent of Tk 512 you can enjoy maximum benefits from AC berth category.


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