Lalbagh Kella Off Day – Lalbagh Fort Visiting Hour, Entry Fees

Lalbag Kella is one of the most beautiful place in our country. People from home and aboard come to visit this place every year. Many people come to this place from different times local and foreign people come to see Lalbagh Kella.

Tourists like to visited traditional places all over the world. In this case, Lalbagh Kella can be your best choice. However, the place is not opened all day long. If you are interested to visit this traditional place, then you should know about the visiting hour and how much money you have to paid for this. Lets know more about this attractive place.

The History of Lalbagh Kella

You need to know about the place before visiting the Lalbagh Kella. According to the Wikipedia, we have got some information about this historical place. The Mughal Prince Muhammad Azam Shah, the third son of Aurangzeb started the work of the fort in 1678 during his vice-royalty in Bengal. He stayed in Bengal for 15 months. The fort remained incomplete when he was called away by his father Aurangzeb.

When Shaista Khan was the new subahdar of Dhaka in 1684 the daughter of Shaista Khan named Iran Dukht Pari Bibi died there.

Lalbag Kella Off Day

Lalbagh Fort is undoubtedly a traditional place of Bangladesh. Every year millions of tourists from all over the country and abroad remember this place. Before visiting any place, you must know whether the place is open or closed today. The Department of Architecture and Travel of Bangladesh has decided to keep Lalbagh Fort open for a certain period of time as it is a place of interest.

For those of you who want to build in Lalbagh Fort, I would like to say that we have compiled a list of times when Lalbagh Fort is closed and when it is open. You must see it before the building at Lalbagh Fort.


Lalbagh Kella Ticket Price 2022

Those of you who are interested in building Lalbagh Fort can find out about the ticket price if you want. We have published here a short list of the prize tickets for the Lalbagh Fort Tour given by the Government of Bangladesh in 2022.

Ticket prices for Lalbagh Fort are usually determined by location and country. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh then you can travel to Lalbagh Fort from any part of the country for only 10 Taka. On the other hand, there are eight SAARC countries. Citizens of all countries have to travel with a ticket of 100 taka. On the other hand, those who come from a foreign country outside the country will have to buy a ticket for 200 taka.

  • Local Tourists: 20 Tk.
  • SAARC Country Tourists: 100 Tk.
  • Other Foreigners: 200 Tk.

Lalbagh Fort Online Ticket Price

You can purchase tickets directly to Lalbagh Fort if you wish but those who come from abroad to visit this popular traditional place in this country are usually interested to buy tickets online. For their part, I would like to say that the Lalbagh Fort Authority has launched a special service for buying tickets online.

You can buy tickets to travel to this popular traditional place of Bangladesh from any part of the world. However, you will be charged separately when purchasing tickets online.

Lalbagh Kella Time Schedule

You already know that Lalbagh Fort is usually closed on Sundays. However, to know about other times when this popular place of interest is open, you have to follow the time schedule. Let’s know the detailed information about the time schedule of Lalbagh Fort.


We hope the information we provide is very important. By doing these you get to know the details about Lalbagh Fort and when Lalbagh Fort is open. If you have any questions about Lalbagh Fort, please let us know in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer your questions.

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