Old Gold Price in Bangladesh 2024 Today Per Vori

That is what we are going to discuss today. That is the price of old gold. Many people do not know the price of old gold. That’s why we have published this article to give all these people an idea about the price of old gold. For those of you who don’t know the price of old gold. They can easily know the price of old gold according to our information in this article.

A very valuable gem in every human life. Usually we see many types of metals out of which gold is the most expensive. Girls love to use various gold ornaments made of gold. Due to which people are constantly looking for new gold and buying it.

However, many people still have old gold ornaments that cost a lot of money compared to new gold. The price of new gold is slightly higher than that of old gold. But new and old gold can be considered very effective. Because today many new golds are found which are made of other metals. So it can be said that the new gold can be noticed adulterated in some cases.

So those of you who want to buy or sell old gold. They need to know the correct information about this old gold rate. So that you can buy and sell old gold at the right price.

Old Gold Price Today

We all know that gold is sold in bulk. Because every thing has a certain measure in which measure all these things are governed. Similarly, the amount of gold is done as bhari or anna. So if you want to buy a lot of old gold. Then according to the current rate of 22 carat gold, it will have to pay 64 thousand 964 taka.

Price of 1 gram of gold:

Currently, one gram gold bar has arrived in Bangladesh keeping in mind the retail gold buyers. The price of which according to the current market price is 6 thousand 675 taka.

Now if you want you can buy one gram gold bar as per your requirement at very low price. Most of the people need to make many small gold ornaments due to which their excess gold or leaders can easily buy 1 gram of gold at a bargain price. So you can buy one gram of gold bars from any jewelery or gold shop in Bangladesh.

Price of 10 grams of gold:

In Bangladesh you will find different carat gold like 22 carat 21 carat 18 carat. These different karat gold prices vary. The price of which is usually determined by the state.

If you want to buy 10 grams of gold out of 22 carat gold, you can easily buy it. In this you have to go to the jeweler and look for a 22 carat gold bar and if you want to buy ten grams of gold from that 22 carat gold bar. Then its current price will come to 80100 rupees.

And if you want to buy 10 grams of gold from a twenty one carat bar. Then its price should be Rs 76450 according to the current price. You can buy gold individually as grams per carat of gold. This method is very useful for common people.

There is also 18 carat gold. If you want to take only 10 grams of gold from this 18 carat gold bar. Then its price should be Rs 65550.

So you might have got to know every information about gold correctly by now. So you don’t have to pay much to buy old gold. And you can buy gold as per your requirement from Pratikaret Gold based on fixed price. And you can use it by making gold ornaments according to your choice.

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