AKS Rod Price in Bangladesh Today 2024 – Per Ton Rod Price

Abul Khair Steele is what we call the AKS of short films. Among all the rod companies in Bangladesh, this company is the most popular. Currently, steel rods of this company are used in the construction of our homes and institutions. AKS rod prices are going to increase along with the increase in commodity prices in the market. For those of you who have decided to build your own house or an institution, engineers or masons always tell you to use AKS rods.

We always want that our house or company can be used sustainably for a long time. After constructing a structure according to the principles of construction industry, if we use it on a good road, then the structure can be used for at least more than 100 years. Although there are rods from different companies in the market, there are many of us who prefer the AKS market because the rods are usually produced with strong leverage.

If you have decided to build your house or company very soon then you will definitely want to use the best quality rods from the market. Today we want to share with you about the price of AKS rod in the current market. We hope that based on the information provided by us, you will be able to easily purchase the rods from the market and purchase them at a suitable fair price.

AKS Rod Price

The price of rods is constantly increasing, especially in the last one year, its price has increased so much within the country that it has gone beyond our reach. Yet they can afford to build a house and have budgeted a certain amount of money for improvements. However, you may be interested in purchasing the rod of AKS company, so you want to know about the price set by this company.

Today Rod Price Bangladesh

Abul Khair Company always thinks about their customers and decides the price of their rods. However, there is a global fuel oil crisis due to which the entire Bangladeshi transportation system has been disrupted. Due to the price of oil, the fares of all transportable bus trucks have increased due to which now the shop owner has slightly increased the price of the rod. To help you out, AKS has published a list of wholesale rod prices.

AKS Rod Price Per Ton 2022

According to the information given by AKS company, we know that this company has been able to supply high quality in the Bangladesh market for a long time, due to which we are very interested in the products of this company. In this situation, many of you may want to know about the price per ton of rod of this company. We mentioned here how much will be the price per ton of rod based on the price of per kg rod.

AKS 60 Grade Rod price

According to the source given by Abul Khair Company we know that the price of rod is fixed at Rs 88 per kg which is the wholesale price. But if any of you want to buy this donation from the market, then you can buy it easily, because of this, the price of the rod in the retail market is relatively high. In terms of this, we can say that since the price of per kg rod is 80 rupees, the price per ton of rod will be 88 thousand rupees.

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