Top 10 Resorts in Gazipur – Best Resorts Near Dhaka Online Booking

A resort is a place where people take their relaxed vacations and family and friends to spend their leisure time. Resort location can be like a hotel, or a ship at sea, or an island. As Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, various prestigious resorts have been built around this city. In this way people from different parts of the country as well as many foreign visitors come to this city for various work or for their own comfort.

Gazipur is a beautiful city located in a very beautiful environment near Dhaka. Every year people from different parts of the country come to visit this beautiful area surrounded by trees. If you have come to this Gazipur then you must want to know about all the resorts located here.

As Gazipur is one of the most beautiful and big cities in Bangladesh, new resorts are being established here all the time. People from different parts of Dhaka and outside Dhaka chose these reports to cut the filth of their busyness in Gazipur.

Usually various features are arranged to cool the minds of their visitors. In order to inform you, we have presented the detailed information of 10 resorts located in Gazipur and discussed the rules of how you can book online in all these resorts.

Top 10 Resorts in Gazipur

In order to help you, we have mentioned the names of 10 resorts located in Gazipur as well as a short list of how much to spend to stay and eat at this resort. So you can read our article and learn more about it.

  1. Bhawal Resort
  2. Sarahh Resort
  3. Nokkhottrobari Resort
  4. Reverie Holiday Resort
  5. The Rajendra Eco Resort & Village
  6. Third Terrace Resort
  7. Dream Square Resort
  8. Greenview golf Resort
  9. Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort
  10. Chuti Resort

Bhawal Resort 

A luxurious resorts located in Bhawal national park. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty then this is the most popular and beautiful resort in Gazipur. The services at this resort are so beautiful that you will feel very comfortable when you visit here. The 24-hour friendly staff at the front desk can help with any queries that you may have.

Services and Facilities: 

Bhawal Resort is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Gazipur. This resort offers different packages of room service Family Couple Friend Single etc. You get more viewers because of the WiFi and LED TV facilities here. It has 4 restaurants, 2bars, and private check-in. The resort also has swimming pool GM, waterfront spa, gym, tennis club, billiard club, and so many other things.

 Room Rent: 


Bhawal Resort Contact Information:

  • Address: Village: Noljahni, Union: Mirjapur, Mojja: Baroipara,P Sodor,Gazipur,Dhaka,Bangladesh.
  • Head Office: House 2, Road 9, Block G, Banani, Dhaka-1213.
  • Phone: +880-1871004007
  • Website:

Sarahh Resort

The whole resort will play the most important role for those of you who want to spend your leisure time and relieve the fatigue of your daily life in the pleasant environment of Gazipur. Travelers from different parts of the country usually visit this resort regularly to spend their days.

The facilities here are so attractive and comfortable that anyone can be attracted to them. In order to inform you, we have presented all the details of the resort and detailed information about the rent.

Services & Facilites 

Sarah Resort has arranged special accommodation for their Bhavanath Eid. At this resort you will find a variety of Conference Heritage. Every step of which has a touch of modernity in every room and better design. The resort authorities are providing water lodge, ancient mud house, premium and presidential villa services for their guests.

For Rent 

Those of you who want to rent four and a half rooms today must be looking for a price list which is why we have mentioned here how much rent is charged for you. Usually the neighborhoods here depend on the facilities which is why the rent is determined based on the facilities and services you will use.


Sarah Resort Contact Information:

You can call the resort authorities directly for any information which is why we have arranged to contact them here. Below are all the numbers that are available for contacting the entire resort.

  • Sarah Resort Rajabari, Rajendrapur, Sreepur, Gazipur,Dhaka, BangladeshPhone: +88019 8000 3000, +88 01755677002, +880 01759468844
  • E-Mail:,
  • Web:

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