Bhairab to Sylhet Train Schedule & Ticket Price

If you are thinking of going to Sylhet train from Bhairav ​​Bazar. Then I would say you have made a right decision. Why is training the only vehicle? Who can gift you a healthy and incredibly beautiful Janne. The distance from Bhairab Bazar to Sylhet is 158 km. Which is a long way. And no one seems to like traveling long distances. But one can travel long distances with pleasure only by traveling by train.

Because people do not have to suffer any kind of irritation due to train journey. People can travel comfortably during train movement. But people enjoy many benefits as a result of going by train. The benefits are that people can reach their destinations with much less money as a result of traveling by train.

The fare you have to pay as a result of your Bhairab Bazar to Sylhet train journey. You can never take a bus at that fare. If you want to go by bus, you will have to pay a lot more. So those of you who are thinking of taking the train from Bhairav ​​Bazar to Sylhet. Let them know the train schedules of this route. And about the rent list.

The trains plying on Chittagong route from Bhairab Bazar, Parbatya Express 709, Upaban Express 739, and Surma Mail 09 are regularly plying this route. Know the schedule of these trains.

Bhairab to Sylhet Train Schedule


Train Name Parbatya Express (709)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 07:35
Reach Sylhet at 13:00
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name Upban Express (739)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 22:20
Reach Sylhet at :05:00
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name Surma Mail (09)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at :03:02
Reach Sylhet at 12:10
Holidays: None

Travel this day from Bhairav ​​Bazar to Sylhet according to this exact time. So you also have to go to these trains according to this time. According to this time you will arrive at Bhairav ​​Bazar station. Because otherwise you are wasting this time. Then go to the station and never get the trains again. So you have to appear at the station on time.

Bhairab to Sylhet Train Ticket Price

Traveling by train from Bhairab Bazar to Sylhet will cost you very little. Because train is a state vehicle of Bangladesh. Compared to which the train authorities charge much less fare for the convenience of the citizens of this country. Any route in Bangladesh. These trains have many cabins in which you can enjoy different facilities and you have to pay different fares to enjoy these facilities.


The cabins of the train are divided by the names of Shovan, Shovan Chair, First Seat, Snigdha, AC, AC Berth. Here at the lowest fare you will have to enjoy the service in the cabin, Shobhan. If you want to take seat from Swapan category. Then you have to pay 205 rupees rent.

And if you want to take these trains at maximum fare. Then you have to pay 840 taka as rent. In exchange for which you can enjoy the benefits of the highest category AC berth. But you have to buy tickets in exchange for whichever category you want to travel from. You cannot travel by train without a ticket.

So before boarding the train you have to purchase the ticket from the ticket counter of the station.
Of course you will purchase the ticket from whichever category you want. Note well that you have been given that ticket from that section. Hope you know all information about Bhairab Bazar to Sylhet train route. I think you will not face any difficulty in traveling by train on this route.


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