Chittagong to Chandpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Chittagong is a very famous and important division of Bangladesh. So many people of our country have many jobs in Chittagong. Because of which you have to travel constantly. Moreover, Cox’s Bazar is a very beautiful city of Chittagong Division. Where different people travel to that city or Cox’s Bazar from every part of the country throughout the year.

Therefore, the number of people traveling from this country to Chittagong is high, so the train plays a very important role as a good vehicle for traveling that long way. Moreover, people are traveling from Chittagong to different parts of the country by train. People can reach their destination in much less time due to train travel. Because now the trains traveling in Bangladesh are operated by high quality engines. So there is no delay in reaching the destination.

And traveling by train makes for a very comfortable journey. Which cannot be expected from any other vehicle. So those of you who want to go from Chittagong to Chandpur. Then you have come to the right place. As we are going to reveal in this article. About Chittagong to Chandpur train schedule and ticket fare. Information that is very important for you to know.

If these information are unknown to you. Then read our complete article and understand. What do you need to do to go by train from Chittagong to Chandpur?

Chittagong to Chandpur Train Schedule:

Only 2 trains run from Chittagong to Chandpur. By which two trains you can reach Chandpur. Two trains are Meghna Express 729 and Sagarika Express 29 these two trains are running without any leave.


You can travel on these trains seven days a week. Know about the schedule of both trains.

Train Name: Meghna Express (729)
Departure from Chittagong: 17:15
Reach Chandpur : 21:25 time
Holidays: None

Train Name: Sagarika Express (29)
Departure from Chittagong: 07:30
Reach Chandpur : 13:00 hrs
Holidays: None

These two trains have been running regularly as per this scheduled time. Time is very important for train travel. Because if you don’t know the time you won’t get the train at the station.

So you have to keep the time in mind while traveling by train. If you otherwise waste time go to the station. Then there will be no benefit. By that time the train will leave for its destination. So you have to appear at the station on time.

Chittagong to Chandpur Train Ticket/Fare List:

Many of us travel in many different vehicles. We face various difficulties in the movement of these vehicles. Compared to that if we use train. Then we will get many benefits. And will get rid of many difficulties. The most important thing in it is rent. Trains As a democratic mode of transportation, train fares are very low. Which is much less than other vehicles.


If you want to go from Chittagong to Chandpur. So you have to pay much less on rent than other vehicles. There are different types of seat sections in a train. The categories which have almost different facilities and according to those facilities the fares of the seats are different. So in this case you will buy the ticket according to your affordability or by choosing the seat according to your choice and paying the fare according to that seat.

Tickets must be purchased from the station ticket counter. Avoid taking tickets given by other people. Due to this, you may face many difficulties on your journey. All these facts were unknown to you. Which you can now know through this article. After knowing this information, you should not have any problem. Hope your train journey is pleasant.


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