Dhaka to Bandarban Bus Schedule, Ticket Price, Online Booking, Counter Number

The road communication system has been facilitated in every district of Bangladesh centered on the capital Dhaka. Today’s article is especially important for those of you who want to travel to Bandarban, one of the most popular mountainous regions of natural beauty in the country, for work or for sightseeing, if you travel by bus. Bandarban is a popular district of natural beauty in Bangladesh, so people from different parts of the country and outside constantly rush here.

On the other hand, there are many people who want to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban every day for their work or for sightseeing, in this case they can travel by bus or train. But the sad thing is that going to Bandarban by train will be very difficult due to which you can now choose bus to go to Bandarban from Dhaka if you want. The residence can be comfortable and safe for you so you use the bus as your travel companion to visit this district.

Through today’s article, we are going to share with you Dhaka to Bandarban bus schedule, ticket price, how to book tickets online and the counter numbers of all the counters of all the bus services. We hope that the information provided by us will play an important role in your journey and you will be able to reach your destination safely based on this information. So start your journey by collecting the information shared for you from below.

Dhaka to Bandarban Bus Schedule

Various types of buses are traveling from Dhaka to Bandarban, due to which you can get buses every hour at any time. However, before traveling to any place, you must know about the time when the bus is traveling to that place. Because if you can’t maintain time i.e. if you don’t have a proper idea about the schedule you can miss the bus anytime. To avoid this situation, you need to know about the schedule of all the buses from Dhaka to Bandarban.


Dhaka to Bandarban Ticket Price

As your journey is very long, before you go from Dhaka to Bandarban, you must collect all the tickets available here. For your information, most of the classes that run on this route are AC operated and non AC operated. The fares of AC operated buses are relatively high whereas the fares of non-AC operated buses are relatively low due to which you can purchase the ticket within your choice.

We have published here the ticket prices as per each bus service which has been collected from their official websites and apps. So select the bus you want to travel and after selecting which type of bus to travel you can book tickets online. Each bus service has its own website and by entering the website and providing all your personal information, online ticket booking has been arranged.


If you want to travel in AC buses from Dhaka to Bandarban then you have to pay 1400 taka and if you want to travel in non-ac operated buses you have to pay up to 620 taka. However, the ticket price is usually determined based on the type of service you will take on the itinerary. Hope that you have been able to collect your important information from us here.

Dhaka to Bandarban Counter List & Contact Number

As part of the discussion, we are going to share with you that all the buses from Dhaka to Bandarban Gum have certain counters that have been fixed and you can get all the information by going to the counter. At each stand they have created counters for themselves through which it is now possible to easily collect all kinds of information including their bus schedule ticket price ticket purchase. Each bus service has set up their counters separately so you must collect the phone number of their counter and make contact with them.


Below we have been able to publish the list of each bus counter and their contact numbers. So you can select any bus service according to your convenience and start your journey by contacting the contact number there or collecting all the related information. We hope that your journey will be very safe and you will be able to reach Bandarban from Dhaka in a short time.

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